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    5 Questions the Trucking Insurance Company Will Ask After a Truck Accident

    Attorney David I. Fuchs

    Attorney David I. Fuchs

    Truck Accident

    If you are in a trucking accident, the insurance company will likely contact you quickly. They will ask you many questions, some of which can harm your case if not answered properly. You should always talk to a personal injury attorney before answering questions from the trucking insurance company.

    With more than 30 years of experience helping accident victims like you, attorney David I. Fuchs can guide you through the claims process. Use our online contact form to find out what you should do after a crash.

    Let Your Attorney Speak With The Insurance Company for You

    The first and most important thing you should know is that you shouldn’t speak with the trucking insurance company on your own. Instead, let them ask the questions and allow your attorney to respond. Work with your attorney to develop honest, safe answers and then your lawyer will send them to the insurance company.

    Questions the Insurance Company May Ask

    When you do answer questions from the trucking insurance company, your attorney can help you write out your answers and make sure they don’t harm your case. Here are some questions you may be asked:

    1. What were you doing right before the accident?

    The trucking insurance company will want to determine if you were distracted or properly keeping an eye out just before the wreck. They may even request to see your phone records to see if you were texting and driving or on the phone at the time of the accident. You don’t have to give them a release for this unless it is requested properly during the discovery process. Your attorney can help you develop a proper answer for this question, even if you are worried about your answer.

    2. How did the accident occur?

    You should be honest about what you saw happen, but you don’t have to tell the trucking insurance company if you think you did anything wrong. If you are unsure about anything, simply say you don’t remember or you can’t be certain. Don’t make assumptions or say what you believe may have happened.

    3. How are you?

    The insurance company will want to know about your injuries. However, they will be looking for inconsistencies that will allow them to pay as little as possible. For example, if your medical records indicate that you are on pain medication, but you tell the insurance company that you are “okay,” they may try to reduce your compensation.

    It’s appropriate to tell the insurance company that you’re not sure about your condition and you are still under medical treatment. They should get all of their official information about your injuries from doctor’s reports and statements from your attorney.

    4. Do you have any previous injuries or pre-existing conditions?

    You don’t have to tell the insurance company about previous injuries you’ve sustained. They are trying to prove that their driver didn’t cause your pain, suffering, and severe injuries. If this question is asked during the discovery process, we might allow them to have information about pre-existing conditions, but we will definitely have statements from doctors proving that your truck accident made them significantly worse or exacerbated them.

    5. Will you go to our medical provider?

    The trucking insurance company might want you to get a medical opinion from their doctor. They may want you to seek all of your treatment from their doctors. They may even offer to pay all the medical costs up front. Don’t fall for this tactic. Their provider will downplay your injuries and ultimately you won’t get the maximum amount of compensation possible because of it.

    Attorney David I. Fuchs Can Help You Talk to the Insurance Company

    Don’t deal with an insurance company alone. You will face significant stress and confusion through the complex claims process. Instead, contact attorney David I. Fuchs to help you answer the questions of the trucking insurance company.

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