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    How To Build A Cause of Action When Injured In A Bicycle Accident

    Attorney David I. Fuchs

    Attorney David I. Fuchs

    Bicycle Accident, News reports that most bicycle accidents statistics are under-reported, because the police often don’t usually prepare a report if the bike rider hasn’t suffered what the officer perceives at the accident scene to be a serious injury.

    A police report, however, is an essential piece of evidence for an attorney when attempting to build a personal injury case. The police report will have the officer’s narrative of how the accident transpired; the addresses of all parties; names and addresses of witnesses; the weather conditions; a diagram of the crash scene; and will usually ascribe fault to one of the parties, more often than not, the vehicle that struck the soon to be plaintiff-bicyclist.

    When involved in a Florida bicycle accident, always report the accident to the police and indicate whether or not you were injured. An accident victim should also do his or her best to assist the police in obtaining the names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses to the accident. A witness to an accident more often than not has seen something of critical importance to the eventual prosecution of a personal injury claim.

    Never apologize at the scene of the accident for the crash. In reality, you may not be legally responsible for the accident. An admission of fault could severely compromise your ability to bring a successful claim for compensation.

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