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Is It Possible To Sue A Florida Hospital For Unreasonable Charges After A Car Accident?

Attorney David I. Fuchs


Attorney David I. Fuchs


Jan. 26, 2012


Car Accident Law reports that a Texas woman hurt in a car accident by the actions of a driver that was driving the wrong way has filed a lawsuit claiming her treating hospital’s bill of $20,211 fee is not reasonable for diagnostic tests and an examination.
In her lawsuit the plaintiff maintains that the hospital increased it’s fee over 500 per cent when it learned she was involved in a car accident and to have a lien against her car accident settlement proceeds.

According to her complaint, her treatment chart revealed that her total treatment time at the hospital was 4 hours and 2 minutes. Her complaint states that she was not admitted as an inpatient and that her hospital treatment consisted solely of an examination and diagnostic tests.

Her complaint states that the defendant hospital perfected a lien on her Texas home. She further avers in the complaint that the insurance company for the at fault party in her car accident settled for it’s insured’s policy limits of $30,000.00.

Her complaint maintains that last September, the hospital’s online billing system showed that she owed the hospital $4,850. The collection company hired by the hospital sent her a bill seeking the $4,850. She claims that it was only after hospital discovered that she was involved in an car accident did it raise it’s bill to $20,211. The hospital filed a lien against her car accident settlement proceeds.