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Motorcycle Accidents And Injuries Are Rising In Florida And Alcohol And Lack Of Helmet Law Are Culprits

Attorney David I. Fuchs


Attorney David I. Fuchs


Aug. 22, 2011


Motorcycle Accident

WSVN news reported today that a South Florida police officer is recovering in the hospital after a motorcycle accident yesterday.

The police indicate that a car made an illegal U-turn at Northwest 87th Avenue and 33rd Street, hitting the officer.

The victim’s wife said that she “always worry about him being on the motorcycle.” 
The driver of the car as required by Florida law remained at the scene of the accident.

Doctors report that the 51-year-old police suffered broken bones and a collapsed lung but that they expect him to recover.

Motorcyclists whether they be law enforcement authorities or expose themselves each and every day to a substantial risk of serious bodily harm. This police officer and every victim of a Florida motorcycle accident will need a Homepage: Broward County personal injury lawyer that can fight to see that he or she receives compensation for their pain and suffering, lost wages, and the large medical bills that usually accompany and follow such an accident. The State of Florida’s Department of Transportation indicates that the number of motorcycle crashes and injuries more than doubled between the late 1990s and 2008. In 1997, motorcycle accident deaths accounted for five percent of all accident-related fatalities in Florida. In 2008, however, the percentage had increased to 17.8 percent. In 2009, motorcycle accident deaths dropped 24%, and accounted for 15.7% of all Florida traffic-related fatalities.

Statistically more motorcyclists aged 45-54 were injured in motorcycle accidents in Florida than any other age group in 2009. In 2009, more motorcyclists in the age group 45-54 were fatally injured in Florida motorcycle accidents than any other age group. The age group of 25-34 was the next age group. The average age of fatally injured Florida motorcyclists was 42 years old.