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Road Rage Accidents May Result In Civil Negligence Claims

Attorney David I. Fuchs


Attorney David I. Fuchs


Nov. 24, 2011


Car Accident Law reported today that a South Florida man pulled a gun on a motorist at gas station before racing away, striking several other automobiles before police stopped him.

Florida police report that one of the individuals in a automobile hit by the driver had to be airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center and was reported to be in critical condition.

This story began when the suspect got into an argument with a fellow motorist at a gas station, he brandished a gun but did not discharge the weapon. The angry suspect then followed the man’s car onto the Palmetto Expressway, struck that vehicle in the rear and sped off. The innocent driver called the police, who spotted the suspect speeding and striking other cars.

Police stopped and arrested the suspect putting a merciful end to his destructive day.

Driver road rage lead all to often to serious Florida car accidents and such incidents are on the rise. In 2007, the Orlando News reported that Florida was one of the worst states in the United States for road rage incidents.