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Category: Fatal DUI Car Accident

Don’t Drink and Drive, Stay Alive!

Posted in Fatal DUI Car Accident,News,Personal Injury on September 4, 2015

Those who take their chances and decide to get behind the wheel after drinking face a high probability of being pulled over and arrested or, worse yet, involved in a deadly car crash. Across Florida, the vast majority of DUI-related fatalities occur on Friday or Saturday, with most accidents taking place between 3 a.m. and… read more

Out-of-State Lawsuit

Posted in Fatal DUI Car Accident,News,Personal Injury,Rear End Car Accident on June 23, 2014

Earlier this year, a prominent liquor salesman was killed in a car accident on Miami Beach after police say his brother-in-law, who was driving at high speeds while heavily intoxicated, crashed a $400,000 Lamborghini into another sports car. Now, the widow of the victim is filing a civil lawsuit against the drunk driver, who was… read more

24/7 Sobriety Program Proposed

Posted in Car Accident Law,Fatal DUI Car Accident,News,Personal Injury on May 28, 2014

The war against drunk driving has been fought with an arsenal of product-driven campaigns, most recently including the installation of court-mandated IUD ignition locks, which require a driver to blow into a machine that tests blood alcohol content, and if any alcohol is detected, prevents the car from starting. But now, state judges may have… read more

Spring Break DUI Dangers

Posted in Car Accident Law,Fatal DUI Car Accident,News,Personal Injury on April 21, 2014

Spring Break, beaches, and parties go hand in hand, and every year, the warm, sunny weeks in March and April attract college students from across the country to Florida’s shores for a vacation full of fun, sun, sand, and drinking. Although there is always fun to be had on these annual vacations, the combination of… read more

Driving Under The Influence and Injuries

Posted in Car Accident Law,Fatal DUI Car Accident,News,Personal Injury on January 1, 2014

A motorcyclist was killed last month when an intoxicated driver hit his bike from behind at a high speed, accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale report. The victim, 58, was coming from Coral Springs to Martin County to act as an escort for several World War II veterans traveling to the Palm Beach International Airport. According… read more

Florida Supreme Court to Decide Case Affecting Procedure for Obtaining Breathalyzer Documentation

Posted in Fatal DUI Car Accident,News on February 12, 2013

At the beginning of this month, the Florida Supreme Court began to hear arguments in a case that could have long-lasting consequences for thousands of South Florida drivers every year. Although the case stems from a criminal proceeding, the outcome will affect the process by which even civil lawsuits may bring in certain data about breathalyzers. Under… read more

Caffeinated Alcoholic Drink Manufacturer And Others Could Face Civil Negligence Suit After DUI Car Accident

Posted in Fatal DUI Car Accident,News on June 7, 2012

Tampa Bay Online is reporting that a Florida man pled guilty Tuesday to driving under the influence charges for a 2010 car accident that that killed a Central Florida man and his three sons. This tragedy has highlighted the dangers of consuming caffeinated alcohol drinks such as Four Loko, which police indicate the defendant driver was… read more

Driver Found Guilty Of Florida DUI Manslaughter Files Negligence Suit Against Victim’s Family

Posted in Fatal DUI Car Accident,News on January 19, 2012

Now I’ve heard everything. The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that in a case of unmitigated chutzpah, a convicted DUI defendant has filed a negligence claim against a deceased car accident victim’s family requesting compensation for his alleged suffering. The defendant was found to have been under the influence of narcotics when hit smashed his car into… read more

Kenny Anderson Charged With Disregarding Florida Law On Leaving An Accident Scene

Posted in Fatal DUI Car Accident,News on December 15, 2011

The Washington Post reports that former National Basketball Association guard Kenny Anderson has been charged with leaving the scene of a South Florida car accident. Police report that the crash occurred after Mr. Anderson had left a bar and crashed his SUV into two trees. He then walked away from the accident scene. Police went to his… read more

DUI Conviction In Florida Can Also Subject You To Civil Suit For Negligence

Posted in Fatal DUI Car Accident,News on October 13, 2011

The Miami Herald reported today that a Palm Beach County court sentenced a woman to 20 years in prison for a South Florida DUI car accident that killed two construction workers and injured a third. Police report that the woman was intoxicated to the extent of not being able to walk after the accident. They further report that… read more