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Category: Slip And Fall Accident

Property Owner Liability for Vacation Rentals/Airbnb

Posted in News,Slip And Fall Accident on May 29, 2018

Many Americans who own multiple properties rent them out as vacation homes. Short-term rentals to vacationers are great moneymakers. Services such as Airbnb are growing in popularity thanks to their relatively low cost compared to average hotels and ease of access, but it’s crucial for property owners to know their level of liability for any… read more

Target Faces Claim Due to a Slip and Fall Accident

Posted in News,Personal Injury,Slip And Fall Accident on February 20, 2014

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida will allow a customer injured in a slip-and-fall accident at a local Target to proceed with his negligence lawsuit, personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale report. The court stated that the man’s case should be decided by a jury, citing the state’s negligence laws and… read more

Florida Jury Awards $2.9 Million To Slip And Fall Accident Victim

Posted in News,Slip And Fall Accident on June 30, 2011

ThePlaintiff Denise Kaba was on a Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Pride, when she slipped and fell on the pool deck. She claimed to havefractured her right knee in the fall. Kaba filed a lawsuit against Carnival Corp, alleging that the pool area had a resin service, which created a slippery condition.Her attorneyargued that there… read more