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Category: Wrongful Death

Two Pedestrians Killed, Two Others Injured, in Truck Accident

Posted in News,Pedestrian Accident,Personal Injury,Wrongful Death on February 26, 2014

Personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale are promoting caution among drivers and pedestrians after a recent car accident left two people dead, and two others severely injured. With Florida’s standard sunny weather, even in the winter months, joggers, bikers, and walkers take to roadways and sidewalks to get out for exercise, errand running, and daily… read more

Bus Driver Charged with Homicide in Airport Accident

Posted in News,Personal Injury,Truck Accident,Wrongful Death on January 17, 2014

A charter bus driver is facing criminal charges after an accident in December of 2012 that left three passengers dead, and many more injured, accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale report. The driver, 48, slammed a bus carrying 31 passengers into a low-hanging overpass at the Miami International Airport, and has been charged with three counts… read more

Possible Wrongful Death Claim in Fatal Taxi and Pickup Truck Crash

Posted in News,Wrongful Death on October 9, 2013

A female passenger in a pickup truck that was the apparent cause of a fatal car accident that killed the driver of a taxi said she attempted to get the pickup driver to slow down and stop seconds before the two vehicles crashed. She claims to have yelled at the driver that the traffic signal was turning red. She was… read more

Possible Wrongful Death Case In ATV Accident in Florida

Posted in News,Wrongful Death on August 12, 2013

Florida Highway Patrol reports that a 17 year old girl died last Thursday in an ATV crash. They also indicate that a younger girl was also critically injured in the same accident. The victim was operating the four wheel vehicle in the late afternoon when she failed to maneuver around a curve. The police say that her vehicle hit the shoulder, was propelled onto an embankment, and then hit… read more

Parents May Have Wrongful Death Case Against Speeding Driver

Posted in News,Wrongful Death on May 13, 2013

Three teens and two others recently died in Florida after their automobile was struck by a driver who was speeding after he exited I-95. The at fault driver was operating a 2008 Mercedes Benz was reportedly speeding as he exited the highway and ran a red light signal  in Riviera Beach the police reported. The… read more

Potentially Defective Equipment In Fatal Parasailing Accident Should Lead To Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Posted in News,Wrongful Death on August 23, 2012

The Miami Herald is reporting that the operator of the boat involved in the fatal parasailing accident in South Florida last week had a valid captain’s license but had a criminal record. He received his license in 2011 despite the fact that he had a prior criminal record involving felony grand theft and forgery. The U.S. Coast… read more

Family Receives Jury Award For Negligence in Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawsuit

Posted in News,Wrongful Death on May 3, 2012 is running a story today about a jury award of $525,000 to the family of a caregiver who was killed when the elderly man she was helping hit and killed her with his vehicle. The 59-year-old victim was traveling with her patient to a restaurant when the elderly man who was operating the car drove the… read more

Trayvon Martin’s Family May Sue Homeowners Association For Wrongful Death

Posted in News,Wrongful Death on April 12, 2012

The Insurance Journal is reporting that if Trayvon Martin’s family files a wrongful death lawsuit they might name the homeowners association where the shooter Zimmerman lived and where the shooting occurred. The reason for this is that if Zimmerman’s claim that he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense is upheld by the judge or a jury, Florida’s… read more

Settlement Terms Of Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Phil Spector Are Confidential

Posted in News,Wrongful Death on March 1, 2012

The LA Times is reporting that mother of the actress killed by Phil Spector has settled her wrongful death case against Mr.Spector. The settlement comes exactly 9 years after Mr. Spector, the famed music producer, shot her in his California mansion. The mother’s attorney indicated that the terms of the settlement were confidential and that she was… read more

Landlord May Face Wrongful Death Suit In Death Of Teenager Who Fell Through Trash Chute

Posted in News,Wrongful Death on February 23, 2012 reports that a child fell through a trash chute on Monday in Chicago and was killed.The male teenager was doing his chores for his family when he fell 46 floors to his death. The building in question has 48 floors in total. NBCChicago says that witnesses indicate the child who had Downs Syndrome, probably slipped… read more