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Florida SUV Rollover Accident Causes Life-Threatening Injuries

Posted in News,SUV Rollover Accident on June 30, 2011

Aman in Floridasuffered life-threatening injurieshe was ejected from a sport-utility vehicle he wasoperating whenit flipped several times.

The police say Cody Turner lost control of his vehicle for as yet an unknown reason.

After ejectingthevictimand rolling overseveral times, the SUV ended upin a residential property.

Thevictim who was alone in the vehicle, wastransorted to a hospital.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has statistics which revea that SUVs roll over nearly three times as often as ordinarycars.The agency reports that the mosttypical kind of SUV rollover accident is a single-car accident, meaning thatSUVs are prone to tip over even without an impact from another car or vehicle, due to defective designs. The heavy loads of bothcargo and passengersin a SUV contribute to the problem, by shifting weight in a way that makes the vehicle more difficult to handle during normal and foreseeable driving situations. Rollovers areone of the most dangerous types of accidents. In 2001, for example Rollover victims accounted for a quarter of all highway deaths and half of all SUV deaths. When a driver or passenger survivesthe rollover, the most common type of injury is a traumatic brain injury, which can cause permanent brain damage and disability. There areother design defects that arecommonto SUVs, includingunreinforced roofs that can be crushed during a rollover,add to thedangers that defectively designed SUVs pose to their occupants.

If you have been involved in an SUV rollover accident you may have the right to seek legal redress against the manufacturer of the SUV. The damages you may be able to seek are for past, present and futurepain and suffering together with past, present and futurelost wages or medical bills. Call theLaw Offices of David I. Fuchs at 954-568-3636 for a consultation asto your legal rights.