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Former Players Sue NFL For Negligence Over Drug Used For Head Injuries

Posted in News,Sports Injury Law on December 8, 2011

Former Players Sue NFL For Negligence Over Drug Used For Head Injuries

Reuters reports that twelve retired National Football League players have filed suit alleging the league failed to tell them of the real health risks of concussions and that the league constantly used a drug, Toradol, that increased the chances of bleeding in players with head injuries.

The suit claims that Toradol hides pain, and thus prevents the feeling of injury. Lawyers for the players said medical experts have also determined that Toradol induces greater cerebral bleeding. The complaint states that players would wait in a “cattle call” before league games to receive shots of Toradol.

The plaintiffs, allege they suffer from short term memory deficits, depression, migraine headaches, depression, and other health issues. They claim to have been medicated without appropriate warnings and consent. The complaint suit alleges that the league engaged in a conspiracy, was negligent, and committed fraud. The plaintiffs are requesting both compensatory and punitive damages.

The the league maintains that the player’s suit has no merit and that the league has and continues to take action to protect players and that players safety is a priority.

The players were prepared to file suit some time ago but waited until after the NFL invited them to work together to create a brain injury compensation fund that would compensate them for their injuries. The NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement, however, included concussion-related benefits that are less generous than the ones previously talked about with the players.