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    Errors in legal documents can result in serious problems for people in Fort Lauderdale, which is why seeking legal document preparation services is helpful, even if you wish to represent yourself in certain proceedings.

    We provide legal document preparation services for those in need of help in various areas, including divorce, immigration, and business incorporation. Many times, people need documents prepared and other forms notarized, such as when engaging in certain real estate transactions or inheritance matters in Fort Lauderdale. Regardless, if you require assistance preparing legal forms, we can provide that help and more.

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    Legal Document Preparation Services Available in Fort Lauderdale

    Various legal proceedings require complicated document preparation. Failure to properly complete legal documents during the course of divorce proceedings, for example, could ultimately undermine your case or goals. Document preparation includes sourcing the necessary information, compiling it into the proper format, and helping to submit it by the necessary deadlines so that you are successful in your aims. We provide document preparation services for those engaging in divorce proceedings, seeking to modify or update immigration status, or wishing to incorporate a business in Fort Lauderdale.


    While many parties in divorce aim to be amicable, it is, nonetheless, a challenging and emotional process. It is also a legal process and one that requires many complicated forms and documents that must be submitted to the court. If you are filing for divorce yourself, you must submit the initial complaint to the court. Our attorneys can begin by preparing the initial complaint for divorce, which will include your wishes for custody if you share children with your spouse, child support, division of property, and alimony, among other things. This is just the first step in completing the forms mandatory for successful divorce proceedings. Allow our attorneys to prepare the necessary forms for you so that you do not have to worry about such things during this difficult time in your life.


    Suppose you plan on immigrating to the United States, or you already live in the United States and need to reaffirm or adjust your immigration status. In that case, you will need to submit various forms and information to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Depending on your reasoning for needing legal document preparation services, you might be responsible for completing very specific immigration forms that are catered to your situation. Each form surrounding immigration is complex and requires detailed information about your past and present. Errors in immigration forms could lead to denials or, in the worst of cases, deportation, which is why proper preparation is crucial in Fort Lauderdale.

    Business Incorporation

    Filing articles of incorporation is a crucial step in starting a business in Fort Lauderdale. It is also a complicated step that can be made easier through our legal document preparation services. This can allow you to establish your company as a C or S corporation. The articles of incorporation must include the company’s name, its address, capital stock, registered agent’s name, registered agent’s address, each incorporator’s name, and each incorporator’s address, among other information. Failure to provide the necessary information in your company’s articles of incorporation can lead to it being denied, which could cause considerable delays for your business in Fort Lauderdale. These documents should include detailed information about how your company will be structured, its purpose, and whom it includes.

    Notary Services Available in Fort Lauderdale

    In addition to providing legal document preparation services in Fort Lauderdale, our attorneys can also serve as notaries in situations where you require a witness to sign certain documents.

    Notary services are often needed at various stages of life. For example, when buying property and engaging in real estate transactions, you might need a notary present to witness the signing of important documents. Many financial documents and those relating to wills and estates need to be notarized to ensure that fraud is not taking place.

    Mortgage documents, commercial leases, employment contracts, legal affidavits, and articles of incorporation may or may not need to be notarized in Fort Lauderdale. Even if a document does not need to be notarized, getting notary services and having a witness present at signing can help you if issues arise with the validity of the document in the future.

    Reasons to Use Legal Document Preparation Services in Fort Lauderdale

    Legal document preparation services are often helpful when individuals want to represent themselves in court or other matters but also want to be prepared and have the proper information on hand.

    While it is often prudent to have an attorney present and to represent you in legal matters, not all legal matters have space for counsel. For example, when incorporating a business, a company might not need an attorney’s expertise at that particular time. However, legal documents, such as articles of incorporation, need to be submitted to the state for a company to proceed.

    Although divorce can be a complicated process, it is possible to file a simple no-fault divorce that is relatively amicable and can be sorted out largely between the two parties involved. That does not mean, however, that you can submit poorly completed divorce forms to the court. In doing so, you might delay proceedings and put a strain on your relationship with your spouse. Document preparation services can help in this matter, as they can in other instances, like when submitting forms relating to your immigration status in Fort Lauderdale. Seeking legal document preparation services can also make your life much easier as you engage in various legal proceedings.

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