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    Every parent hopes that labor and delivery will go smoothly, and that their child will be born without any health complications. Unfortunately, birth injuries caused by medical malpractice are a common occurrence in Florida. Keep reading to learn about 10 of the most common birth injuries that are seen in hospitals throughout the Sunshine State.

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    Birth Injuries in Children

    At birth, your son or daughter may experience harm that causes the following:

    Cerebral Palsy

    Brain damage during birth often results in a condition known as cerebral palsy. Inadequate monitoring of the mother during labor, improper birth techniques, and failure to check fetal distress are the most common causes of cerebral palsy. If your child sustains this condition, they will likely struggle with motor development, muscle spasms, and muscle weakness.

    Erb’s Palsy

    When the nerves in an infant’s shoulders have suffered trauma, Erb’s Palsy may arise. A lack of reflexes, trouble moving the arms or shoulders, and arms that are bent inwards towards the body are common symptoms of this condition. This injury is often the result of a medical provider pulling on a child’s arms during birth.

    Facial Paralysis

    Facial paralysis refers to the loss of facial movement caused by nerve damage. Excessive exposure to pressure during birth can lead to this condition. If your child develops facial paralysis, they may have difficulty opening their eyes or making facial movements.

    Perinatal Asphyxia

    Perinatal asphyxia develops when a baby lacks sufficient oxygen supply. If there is an oxygen deficiency in their blood or not enough blood flow before or right after a baby is born, perinatal asphyxia might occur. Seizures, shock, and a pale complexion are all symptoms of this condition.


    Cephalohematoma is caused by bleeding in the cranium, which is an important part of the skull that protects the brain. It’s characterized by a raised bump on the top of a baby’s head and typically appears a few hours after birth. Cephalohematoma can lead to health issues such as jaundice and anemia.

    Caput Succedaneum

    Extreme swelling of a baby’s soft tissues in their scalp is called caput succedaneum. Caput succedaneum usually occurs after a medical provider incorrectly uses a vacuum extraction tool, and develops as babies make their way down the birth canal. If your child sustains this condition, they may face swelling and a great deal of discomfort.

    Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

    When the small blood vessels of a baby’s eyes break, this is known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. It can cause one or both of the eyes to develop a red band in the white part of the eye. In rare cases, this condition damages a baby’s eyes.

    Brachial Palsy

    The brachial plexus is the group of nerves that controls the arms and hands. When the brachial plexus sustains an injury, a baby might develop brachial palsy. This condition is often the result of difficulty with the baby’s shoulder during delivery, and causes a child to lose their ability to move and rotate their arm.

    Spinal Cord Injuries

    Spinal cord injuries are very severe during birth, and are usually caused by the improper use of forceps or meningeal tear. If your child suffers from spinal cord injuries, they may develop paralysis and/or neurological problems.

    Bone Fractures

    Since the bones of babies contain more cartilage than adult bones, they are more flexible and prone to fractures during a difficult delivery. When birth-assisting tools are not used correctly, bone fractures are likely to occur and lead to damaged clavicles.

    If Your Child Incurred Birth Injuries in Fort Lauderdale, Our Attorneys Can Help

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