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Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorneys

When personal injuries happen, victims need dependable and experienced counsel. The Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of David I. Fuchs are dedicated legal professionals who can help. Retaining one of our injury lawyers means getting trustworthy information about your legal rights, communicating clearly about your case, and achieving tangible results. Whether you need an injury attorney or a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer, we fight for the maximum compensation available to our clients every time. Let us guide you through this difficult time, beginning with a free case evaluation in Fort Lauderdale. Contact the Law Offices of David I. Fuchs today to schedule your FREE initial consultation with a Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer. (954) 568-3636.

At the Law Offices of David I. Fuchs, our goal wasn’t just to band together to make a profit. We care about the people. Mr. David Fuchs and his associates are passionate about the rights of Florida’s injured drivers, bikers, pedestrians, employees, shoppers, and consumers. We know that without legal assistance, many injured people would accept unfair settlements or never receive anything at all for their injuries. We won’t stand for this injustice. Instead, our personal injury attorneys use their skills and knowledge to help people recover medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Here’s why people trust us with their personal injury cases in Fort Lauderdale:

  • When you call your personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of David I. Fuchs, you’ll get your attorney, not an answering machine or paralegal. Our team is extremely communicative with clients and always happy to give updates on case developments. We know you’re full of questions, and we are here to answer them, not to leave you in the dark. Your time is important. Don’t waste it trying to call anyone but us. (954) 568-3636.
  • In personal injury law, experience matters. You need knowledgeable injury lawyers with experience handling real-life cases. Experienced Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers know exactly how the legal process works and how to carry a claim through to a successful settlement or even to trial if necessary. Our team has more than 30 years of legal experience and has built an incredible network of professionals to work on claims in South Florida.
  • David and his team have garnered some exceptional case results for personal injury clients over the years. We go after the best results possible with aggressive settlement negotiation, hard-hitting litigation, detail-oriented evidence gathering, expert witness hiring, and other personal injury law tactics. We work hard to secure the best award or jury verdict available for injured clients and their families.

Our personal injury attorneys in Fort Lauderdale don’t stand for insurance carriers taking advantage of injured people to make a dime, nor do we stop our efforts until we believe our clients have gotten full and fair compensation. We befriend our clients, listen to their stories, and let them know a team of personal injury attorneys is working hard around the clock for them. Our clients can tell the difference between our firm and others within the very first phone call. Don’t take our word for it – read our five-star client reviews.


FAQs About Personal Injury Claims in Florida

In our decades of law experience, we’ve answered all types of questions about personal injuries, victim rights, and insurance claims. We know what questions tend to be the most pressing to new clients and how much a straightforward and honest answer from a Broward County personal injury attorney can help. Our firm offers free initial consultations with an injury lawyer, so we can answer individual questions at zero cost and no obligation. In the meantime, here are several of the most frequently asked questions we receive in Fort Lauderdale, answered:

  • What type of accidents can lead to lawsuits? The basis of most personal injury claims is the legal theory of negligence. Negligence can describe any action or lack of action that breaches someone else’s duty to you, resulting in an injury. Anytime someone else’s negligence or carelessness results in injury to you or a loved one, you likely have grounds to sue. Common situations that lead to lawsuits include car crashes, slip and fall accidents, injuries at work, defective or dangerous products causing injury, medical malpractice, assault, and dog bites.


  • When can I sue for a car accident? Florida is a no-fault insurance state. This means that you must seek damage recovery through your own insurance company regardless of who was at fault for the collision. The law lets you pursue a claim for damages outside of the no-fault insurance system only if the accident is serious. By law, a serious accident is one that causes permanent injury, significant and permanent scarring/disfigurement, or permanent loss of a bodily function. These are generally the only types of injuries you can hold a driver liable for outside the insurance system.
  • How much can I get for my claim? There is no one answer to this question, as there is no uniform personal injury compensation calculator. The amount you get for your claim will vary depending on the extent of your injuries, your accident-related expenses, and the degree of negligence of the other party. You could recover the costs of your past and future medical expenses, lost income from missing work, property damage, physical pain, and emotional suffering, lost the quality of life, and other damages. If a loved one died, you could also receive payment for funeral and burial expenses, as well as loss of consortium for the loss of the loved one’s company, care, and love. In this case, it would be best to consult a Fort Lauderdale wrongful death attorney.
  • How long do I have to file a claim? In Florida, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is four years from the accident date. If you don’t discover your injuries until after the limitations deadline (for example, if an unsafe workplace exposes you to asbestos, but you don’t develop mesothelioma until 10 years after exposure), the clock doesn’t start ticking until the date of discovery. Missing your deadline can mean permanently losing your right to file a lawsuit.

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"Never did I imagine myself getting into an accident... This the first time I ever experience such a thing but I'm blessed, thankful & behind it all David Fuchs who made it happen for me."

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"Mr. Fuchs is one of the hardest working attorneys that I know. He's good at what he does & puts 110% in you case. I can leave him alone & not call all the time knowing he is working hard on my case."

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"It's been a long bumpy road to recovery but with David and his office's help, we finally got it done! Not only did I get the medical attention I needed but I was compensated handsomely. Thank you!"

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"Mr. Fuchs and his staff were very helpful. The case was handled in a timely manner and I was always informed if there were any changes or updates with my case."

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"The David I Fuchs law office is a group of excellent people that helped to their fullest potential. They treated me with respect and I really appreciate that. This is a great law office."

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When to Take Legal Action After An Accident In Fort Lauderdale

In any situation where you were harmed because someone failed to meet a legal obligation, the Law Offices of David I. Fuchs can protect your rights and help you obtain compensation. A number of parties could be responsible for your accident, perhaps a trucking company, car manufacturer, property owner, store, employer or individual.

During the review of a case, an attorney will explain your legal options and help you build a case against the third party that is responsible for your injuries.

Injury lawyer David Fuchs will listen to you, ask you questions about your accident, evaluate whether you may have a valid personal injury claim, and explain to you how I may be able to assist you in pursuing a remedy. Remember: if I agree to take your case, I will never charge you any upfront legal fees. You can rest easy, knowing that you will never pay any attorneys’ fees unless and until you recover damages in your personal injury claim.

A personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of David I. Fuchs will be more than happy to answer your specific questions during a free personal injury consultation in Fort Lauderdale. We can go over your potential right to sue, how much your claim could be worth, and what steps to take next to protect your rights. Let us provide the lifeline you need during this challenging time. We might be able to give you a brighter, more financially stable future. To schedule your free consultation with an injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale, call (954) 568-3636 or get in touch online.