How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident in Orlando

In order to collect payment for your car accident injuries, you may need prove that someone else is to blame for your crash. There are several different ways you can establish fault. Analyzing your official police report may be very helpful when searching for useful evidence.

You can request a police report for a motor vehicle accident in Orlando either online or in person. These reports should be created after any collision that causes an injury. You can reach out to our legal team for help obtaining and reviewing your official crash report.

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Retrieving Your Accident Report After Suffering a Collision in Orlando

If you were hurt because of a motor vehicle collision in Orlando, then a police officer should have visited the scene to create an accident report. This report may be the first piece of information assessed by insurance companies and attorneys when determining fault for your crash. Accordingly, you should attempt to retrieve your report as soon as you can.

There are multiple ways to recover a copy of your accident report in Orlando. First, you may be able to request your report on the internet through the Crash Portal operated by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). You cannot request a report online unless you were a party to the collision at issue. Furthermore, you must be able to list the date the accident happened, your case number, and an involved driver’s name. When you make your request, you will have to pay approximately $12 in fees. If the request succeeds, then you are given a 48-hour window to download the report. Assistance from our Orlando car accident referral lawyers can be helpful when attempting to request your report online.

In addition to recovering your accident report online, you may also be able to do so in person. When seeking to retrieve a copy of your report in person, you should visit the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) station nearest to where your accident happened.

Finally, you may obtain your report through the mail. You can do so by writing a signed request letter that describes the report you want and mailing it to the FHP crash records department. Our legal team can provide assistance if you need to request your report via mail.

What Does Your Accident Report Tell You After a Crash in Orlando?

Reviewing your accident report can be a crucial step towards establishing liability for your car accident in Orlando. First, your report can offer contact information for various parties like drivers, passengers, and eyewitnesses. A description of the vehicles involved in your crash may be provided. This information may be very helpful when building your case.

Also, your accident report may help establish the location, time, and date of your collision. Moreover, the weather and road conditions present at the time of your crash may be described. This information is often used by plaintiffs to defeat defendants’ alternative theories of fault. For instance, if another driver states that your accident happened because of poor weather conditions, you may use contradictory information from your official report to disprove that assertion.

Furthermore, statements from drivers and witnesses can be quoted in your report. There are a number of ways that these statements can help establish blame. For example, a witness may state that they saw the other motorist traveling at excessive speeds before causing your crash. Also, a driver may make an apologetic statement that is construed as an admission of fault.

Your accident report can also help establish the damage your collision caused. For instance, your report may describe which vehicles were damaged by your crash. Further, if you sustained observable, physical injuries because of your accident, then the drafting officer may make a note in your report indicating as such.

Finally, your accident report may state whether any of the parties involved in your crash were issued a traffic citation. If another party to your accident was cited for improper behavior behind the wheel, then their ticket may be utilized to determine who is to blame.

Can You Win a Car Accident Lawsuit in Orlando Without an Accident Report?

You can still win a car accident lawsuit without using information from your accident report. There are several different types of evidence that can help establish fault. As an example, any of the following evidence may be utilized in your case:

Surveillance Footage

First, surveillance footage from private cameras may be very useful when proving that another driver is responsible for your collision. There are multiple forms of surveillance footage that can be used. As an example, a business’s security camera may help show that another driver is to blame for an accident that occurred in a parking lot. Further, a dashboard camera on a nearby vehicle may have recorded the events preceding your highway accident. In any case, you should begin searching for pertinent surveillance footage quickly after your accident.

Photos from the Crash Scene

Photos from the crash scene can also be used to prove fault. For instance, photos depicting your crushed vehicle may be used to demonstrate that another motorist was speeding when your collision happened.

Personal Recollection

Furthermore, your personal recollection of your accident can be helpful when establishing fault. It is difficult to determine what details surrounding your accident may become important during a later stage of your case. Accordingly, you should write down a detailed recollection of your crash while your memory is fresh.

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