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Model Rejects Settlement Offer In Propeller Accident Negligence Case And Files Lawsuit

Posted in Airplane Accident,News on March 29, 2012

Model Rejects Settlement Offer In Propeller Accident Negligence Case And Files LawsuitABC News is reporting that Lauren Scruggs who was injured in a December 3, 2011 propeller accident has rejected a $200,000 settlement offer from the insurance carriers for the plane. She will it is reported file a personal injury lawsuit seeking more compensation. Ms. Scruggs who is a model and fashion editor lost her left hand and left eye in the accident.

The 23 year old model had landed after viewing Christmas lights from the air when she walked into the plane’s propeller which was still running while Ms. Scruggs left the airplane. A National Transportation Safety Administration report on the matter indicates that the pilot of the plane claimed to have attempted to warn Ms. Scruggs prior to the¬†accident.

Cheryl Scruggs, Lauren’s mother, indicates that her daughter has undergone substantial and intense physical therapy, and has been fitted a prosthetic eye. She has plans to meet with a prosthetic arm expert as well.

In her filed legal papers, Lauren Scruggs indicates that the airplane’s insurance carriers maintain that under the policies in question that they are each limited to the payment of a maximum of $100,000.00 to a “passenger”. Lauren Scruggs will argue that she did not fall within the definition of a “passenger” because at the time of her accident “she was not in the aircraft or getting in or out of it” and that she should therefore not be limited to the $100,000 passenger limit per policy.