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New Ideas to Combat Hot Car Dangers

Posted in Accident Involving Children,Car Safety,News,Personal Injury on August 26, 2014

We all know that parents’ days are full of responsibilities, errands, and running around that leaves them open to distraction. But in the summer, this distraction can prove to be fatal for children left behind in hot cars at the store or in the driveway. With recent headlines reporting the latest rash of hot-car tragedies across the country, several innovators are taking steps to prevent these tragedies, focusing on alerts and reminders that will jolt a parent from distraction. Car accident attorneys in Florida hope that these technological advances will make it easier for parents to protect their children, and harder for a busy day to cause such dangerous forgetfulness or distraction. 

Even a minute or two alone in a hot car can be a serious threat to a child’s safety and health, and sometimes even a fatal one. On summer days, temperatures rise quickly in enclosed spaces, and a child left alone on an 80-degree day could be sitting in a car in which the temperature is up to 120 degrees. To beat these temperatures, and keep parents from forgetting a child in the backseat, technology companies are turning to sensors inside the car to monitor everything that could be a potential hazard. 

One device, the Baby Alert’s ChildMinder SoftClip System Digital Wireless Technology Monitor tracks the time a parent spends away from a child in his or her car seat. The Monitor has a sensor in the baby’s clip harness on a car seat, and another sensor that goes on the parent’s keyring. When the two sensors are further than 15 feet away from each other for more than 6 minutes, an alarm sounds to let the parent know that the child is still in the car. Another monitoring system from Baby Alert uses a pressure pad under the car seat cushion to determine when a child has been left alone in the car without a parent—or the car keys—in close proximity. 

Another company, TOMY, has released a “smart car seat” that is designed to monitor the temperature in the car, the angle at which the seat has been placed, and the motion of the seat. If the temperature around the seat is too high, the company sends an alert to a linked cell phone to let the parent know. The company also sends out alerts when the seat is improperly installed, or when the child is unbuckled in a moving vehicle. 

These devices are not without their flaws, because they rely on routine and constants like cell phones and key rings to keep parents in the loop. But although they may not be the best possible solution, personal injury lawyers in Florida say that these devices are steps in the right direction, and will pave the way for future innovators to continue to develop solutions to keep kids safe. 

Fort Lauderdale-based personal injury attorney David I Fuchs is committed to protecting our children and ensuring their safety. For questions, concerns, or a consultation regarding your case, contact David Fuchs today.