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    Often, attorneys must refer a client’s car accident case to another attorney to ensure they have the best chances of recovering compensation. Considering how many people travel to Orlando, getting help from a local firm is often necessary.

    Fortunately, our attorneys can help your client navigate the complexities of their Orlando car accident case. Pursuing compensation for an Orlando car accident can be much more challenging than in other states. Attorneys unfamiliar with Florida’s insurance rules and limitations on damages will likely not know how to maximize their client’s award.

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    Why You Should Refer a Car Accident Case to Our Orlando Attorneys

    Car accident cases in Orlando are more complex than they might first appear, requiring some attorneys to refer their client’s cases to outside counsel. If you have a car accident referral for a client injured in Orlando, our attorneys for a car accident referral can help them get the compensation they deserve. Whether you are licensed in another state or are unfamiliar with car accident lawsuits, we are ready to provide you and your client with the legal guidance needed. Referring your client’s case is an especially good idea if their car accident involves overly complex facts.

    Referrals from Lawyers in Other Jurisdictions

    If you are not licensed in Florida but need an attorney who is, our firm is here to help you and your client get justice for their car accident injuries in Orlando. It is common for tourists and other visitors to Orlando to be involved in a car accident before returning to their place of origin. However, a car accident victim’s lawsuit must typically be filed in the jurisdiction where the accident occurred. If you are licensed to practice in another state but are not admitted to the Florida Bar, referring your client’s case will be necessary to recover compensation in Orlando.

    Referrals from Lawyers in Other Practice Areas

    Another common reason attorneys refer a client’s car accident case is that they practice in an area of the law other than personal injury. Regardless of the level of experience a lawyer might have in a particular field, they should not take a car accident case lightly if they have not litigated one before. Florida has very specific rules for recovering compensation after a car accident. Lawyers unfamiliar with the insurance process in Orlando will not realize that there are certain thresholds that must be met before their clients can file a lawsuit to pursue compensation. They will likely also not be aware that car insurance does not cover all of their client’s damages and will need to use other methods to make up the difference.

    Car Accident Referrals with Complex Law and Facts

    While insurance rules and limits to filing a lawsuit after a car accident can make most common car accident cases complex, other factors could make your case beyond your firm’s ability to handle it. Whether you simply need an assist or someone to take on your client’s case full-time, our team can help. Car accident cases involving commercial vehicles, like Amazon trucks and Uber rideshare cars, can be extremely complex. These cases typically involve additional legal rules that could help increase your client’s compensation or limit it.

    We have years of experience handling some of Orlando’s most complex car accident cases. If an expert is needed to explain how an accident occurred or a complex medical diagnosis, our team can help arrange their testimony for your client’s case. We also know what questions to ask on cross-examination if the other side presents its own expert.

    Important Legal Considerations Attorneys Should be Aware of When Referring a Car Accident Case in Orlando

    There are a number of important considerations attorneys should take into account when referring their client’s car accident case. Florida has complex insurance rules and limits on when a lawsuit can be filed. Florida law has also undergone several changes that can significantly affect your client’s case and ability to get paid for their damages.

    Recovering Compensation Through Insurance

    Florida is a “no-fault” state for car insurance purposes. Florida’s no-fault insurance rules will seem odd if you practice in a state with at-fault insurance. Instead of filing a third-party claim with a negligent driver’s insurance company, injured drivers in Florida recover damages by filing a claim with their own personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. However, PIP insurance will only cover 80% of a victim’s medical expenses and 60% of their lost income. Further, payments will only be made up to the policy’s limits. In Florida, the policy minimum is $10,000.

    Another important note is that Florida no-fault insurance does not cover pain and suffering damages. Under current state law, non-economic damages can only be recovered in a lawsuit, but there are limitations on a car accident victim’s right to file.

    Recovering Compensation Through a Lawsuit

    Florida uses a “serious injury” threshold to determine who is permitted to file a lawsuit to recover the damages that insurance does not cover. Florida Statute § 627.737(2) contains several categories of qualifying injuries, including permanent injuries as diagnosed by a doctor and permanent or significant loss of bodily functions. Disfigurement and serious scarring can also qualify as serious, and, of course, wrongful death will permit a victim to file a lawsuit for their loss.

    Florida’s Statute of Limitations

    The statute of limitations has also been changed recently, allowing far less time for car accident victims to file their lawsuits. Some attorneys might recall that Florida’s previous statute of limitations to file a car accident lawsuit was four years. Now, victims only have two years from the date of the accident to file. Considering that half the time is available, it is imperative that you begin your client’s case referral as soon as possible.

    Florida’s Contributory Negligence Rule

    Florida law has also made changes to its contributory negligence rules. Each state deals with contributory negligence differently. In Orlando and throughout Florida, car accident victims can still recover compensation if they contributed to their accident but will be barred from recovery if found 50% or more at fault. Under the new rule, your client can still recover damages if both drivers are equally to blame, but their compensation will be reduced by 50%. However, if they are found anywhere over 50% liable, they will be prevented from recovering any compensation.

    Our Orlando Attorneys for Car Accident Referrals Can Help

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