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    When bus accidents happen, serious injuries can be suffered by passengers, nearby pedestrians, and other motorists. These injuries can cause people to endure significant amounts of financial hardship, emotional anguish, and physical pain. Fortunately, victims of bus accidents may be able to pursue monetary damages for the harm they endured.

    There are multiple parties who can be held responsible for a bus accident in Orlando. Accordingly, assessing fault is a crucial step towards recovering financial compensation. After suffering a crash, you can consult with our legal team to determine who you should sue.

    In the aftermath of a bus accident in Orlando, seek guidance from our experienced bus accident attorneys at The Law Offices of David I. Fuchs, Injury & Accident Lawyer, P.A. by calling (954) 751-4258.

    Whom to Sue After a Bus Accident in Orlando, FL

    In Orlando, at-fault parties may be sued for bus accidents they cause. However, determining who is at fault for your bus accident can be a complex process. Several parties may be held accountable.

    Bus Drivers

    If you were injured because of an accident caused by a bus driver, then you may be able to sue that driver for the injuries you suffered. Bus drivers can cause accidents in several ways. For instance, crashes may occur because they drive distracted, disobey traffic signals, or travel at illegal speeds.

    Unfortunately, the bus driver who caused you crash may lack the resources to pay for the damages you incurred. Thankfully, there may be other opportunities for pursuing financial compensation.

    Bus Companies

    If you were injured because of an accident involving a private bus, then you may be able to recover damages from the bus company who operated the vehicle at issue. For instance, you may be able to sue a bus company if your accident happened because they did not properly maintain their busses. Further, a bus company may be held liable for an accident that occurred because they hired an inexperienced and unqualified driver.

    Other Motorists

    In some cases, other motorists are responsible for devastating bus accidents. For example, a crash may occur because a bus was struck by another driver who committed an illegal lane change. Further, a bus may rollover because its driver was attempting to avoid a motorist who ran a red light. In these cases, victims may be able to file lawsuits against the motorists responsible for their accidents.

    Government Entities

    Some busses are operated by government entities. These parties can be held liable for bus accidents. However, pursuing a case against a government entity can be a very complicated and tiresome process. Support from our experienced bus accident lawyers can be highly beneficial when pursuing such a lawsuit.

    Sellers and Manufacturers of Defective Parts

    Lastly, some bus accidents occur because of defective parts. For instance, a bus may be involved in a devastating rear-end collision because it was equipped with a malfunctioning brake system. In that case, victims could file a lawsuit against the seller or manufacture responsible for the defective part.

    What to Do After a Bus Accident in Orlando, FL

    After suffering a bus accident, there are certain actions you may take to increase your chances of recovering financial compensation from another party. Each of the following steps can be very important for your case:

    Call 911

    First, you should dial 911. After calling the authorities, the dispatcher can send an ambulance for anyone who requires emergency medical attention. Furthermore, an officer will visit the scene to draft their accident report. This report may provide a great deal of valuable information that helps our team assess fault for your crash.

    Exchange Information

    Next, you should attempt to exchange information with other parties to your bus accident if you can. This may involve retrieving contact information and insurance information from a bus driver or another motorist. Furthermore, you should recover contact information for any potential witnesses to your crash. These witnesses can provide both written and oral statements that explain why your collision occurred.

    Document the Scene

    Additionally, you should try take photos at the scene of your crash if possible. These photos can help identify factors that contributed to your accident. Additionally, they can be used to defeat the defendant’s alternative theory of liability. For instance, a defendant bus driver in your case may state that your accident happened because of poor road conditions, as opposed to their negligence. In that case, you could use photos from your accident’s scene depicting adequate road conditions to discredit their argument.

    Seek Medical Care

    If you did not receive emergency medical attention at the scene of your bus accident, then you should see a doctor as soon as you can. You must obtain proper documentation of your injuries in order to recover payment from another party. Furthermore, the defendant in your case may use a delay in medical treatment to argue that you were not seriously injured.

    Contact Our Law Firm

    Finally, you should contact our law firm as quickly as you can. Our legal team can perform a free evaluation of your case. Afterwards, we will explain the appropriate course of action.

    Considering Settlement Offers in Orlando Bus Accident Lawsuits

    After filing a bus accident case, the defendant will most likely present you with a settlement offer before going to trial. If you accept their offer, then they will pay you a specific amount of compensation and your case will be voluntarily dismissed. There are multiple advantages to reaching a settlement agreement. For instance, those who settle early can save some of the costs accompanying the decision to go to trial. Further, plaintiffs who reach settlement agreements may acquire compensation more quickly.

    However, the defendant in your bus accident case may not want to pay you what you deserve. If a settlement offer cannot be reached, then you will have to go to trial to obtain the full extent of monetary damages available to you.

    Bus Accident Victims in Orlando Can Call Our Attorneys for Help

    Get assistance from our experienced bus accident lawyers at The Law Offices of David I. Fuchs, Injury & Accident Lawyer, P.A. by dialing (954) 751-4258.

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