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Possible Wrongful Death Claim in Fatal Taxi and Pickup Truck Crash

Posted in News,Wrongful Death on October 9, 2013

A female passenger in a pickup truck that was the apparent cause of a fatal car accident that killed the driver of a taxi said she attempted to get the pickup driver to slow down and stop seconds before the two vehicles crashed. She claims to have yelled at the driver that the traffic signal was turning red. She was one of four individuals injured in the accident. She was in the hospital with a reported punctured lung.

Broward Sherriff’s office is investigating thisl accident. They report that no charges have as yet been filed. The police have not as yet confirmed who in fact was the driver of the pickup.

Neither the female passenger or the male in the pickup wee licensed to drive and both have been branded as habitual traffice offenders habitual traffic offenders according to records of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles records.

The deceased was a cemetary worker that was working an extra job as a taxi cab driver. He was travelling southbound on Federal Highway when he was struck by the pickup at the corner of Sheridan Street and Federal Highway.The pick up truck had been proceeding westbound on Sheridan Street. The force of the accident propelled the two vehicles into the Shell gas station at the southwest corner of the intersection.

The victim was pronounced deceased at the hospital.  The two passengers of the taxi were injured and taken to the hospital as well where they were listed in fair condition.

The female passenger in the pickup in an interview from the hospital claims to have been in the passenger seat at the time of the accident and couldn’t have driven as she was an habitual traffic offender.

Hopefully the police investigation will determine who was driving the pick up truck at the time it ran the red light and crashed into the taxi. The taxi driver’s family and the other innocent injured victim’s of this crash will need that information to determine whether of not they have legal recourse for compensation.

As the pickup truck was the apparent cause in fact for the crash, the tragic death of the taxi cab driver and injuries to the other victims, potential claims for wrongful death and negligence are possible against the operator and the owner of the pickup truck.

In Florida there is a two year statute of limitations to settle a wrongful death claim or to file a lawsuit. There is a four year statute of limitations for the negligence claims by the injured parties. In short, the taxi driver’s surviving family members have precious little time to waste in hiring legal counsel to seek fair and just compensation for the loss of their loved one.