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Yacht Accidents

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David is awesome! Settled my case quickly and is definitely the right man for the job. Highly recommended.”

Rich H., Client

South Florida Accident Lawyer

David I. Fuchs has over 20 years of experience as a Ft Lauderdale accident attorney who has successfully represented yachting and boating accident victims, their families and friends who have sustained and suffered serious bodily injuries because of the negligence of another yacht, boat owner or party.

The United States Coast Guard and yacht accidents

Boating accidents are typically reported to state agencies, the United States Coast Guard, or sometimes both. Boaters may collide or run into something when operating their vessels and these collisions must be reported. State regulators are the primary resource for determining what type report will be necessary. Typically, when an accident involves some sort of personal injury that will require any sort of medical treatment, whether immediate or future, the accident must be reported. Fort Lauderdale accident attorneys warn that leaving the scene of a boating accident, not getting proper aid for injured properties, and not reporting that accident to the appropriate legal entities is a crime.

How to deal with Insurance Companies

From a legal standpoint, you are able to delay making any statements with the insurance companies. Exercising prudence is crucial when speaking to the insurance companies after an accident. You are not legally forced to give a recorded statement to the insurance agencies following an accident without the presence of your Ft Lauderdale accident lawyer. When asked for a statement, simply inform the adjuster that you are not ready to make any statements at that time. It is very important to then get their information and give it to your attorney at a later time.

Whether you are operating your vessel for business or pleasure, operators are liable for the same regulations while on navigable United States waters. There are simple operational rules that must be followed and operators are legally responsible for taking the necessary precautions to avoid collisions.

Most people are unaware, but crafts such as Jet Ski’s, wave runners, and other personal watercraft are considered to be vessels under the law. Therefore, any misappropriation of use or interference with posted and implied protocol can create personal or legal liability for the operator, similar to that of a larger boat or vessel.

Yacht Safety

The Federal Boat Safety Act, passed over 40 years ago by Congress created national standards for vessel safety requirements. Following this Act, the United States Coast Guard was given express charge over creating, enforcing, and monitoring the standards of safety equipment, capacity, and vessel construction for recreational vessels. Federal law has defined the term recreational vessel as a vessel manufactured or operated rented, leased, or chartered primarily for pleasure. Furthermore, any vessel operating for non-commercial activities is also considered a recreational vessel.

Maritime Law

It is important to remember that the federal general maritime law surpasses all state laws concerning any form of vessel. However, the states may enact additional laws which do not conflict with the federal legislation. If ever there are questions of liability for personal injury regarding the maritime law, it is crucial to find a competent lawyer to report your accident to and file claims with. Finding an attorney to help you navigate through your yacht accident in Fort Lauderdale is recommended.

South Florida accident lawyer David I. Fuchs will represent you for injuries that include, but are not limited to:

  • Injuries requiring surgery, sutures, staples
  • Traumatic Brain Injury, including those caused by oxygen deprivation
  • Severe burns resulting in significant and permanent scarring
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress, death
  • Those injuries caused by a collision with a boater that is drunk, impaired or otherwise under the influence of narcotics or drugs

After a yacht or boat collision with another party it is imperative to call the coast guard, marine patrol to the accident scene and seek immediate medical treatment. It is then important to seek legal counsel to protect your legal rights by calling lawyer David I. Fuchs who will take your call and speak with you immediately about your yacht accident case. He will then stand ready to fight for you to see that you get compensation for your pain and suffering, any lost wages and medical bills.

Experience a maritime accident in Fort Lauderdale? Call David I. Fuchs toll free at (800) 570-2858 for a free consultation to discuss your yacht accident case. You may also write to him by filling out the form on the “Contact Us” page.

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