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Failure to Yield Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

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To ensure that traffic moves in an orderly fashion and to minimize the risk of collisions, Florida traffic laws establish rules regarding who has the right-of-way.  Unfortunately, some drivers neglect to follow these rules.  These drivers pull out into traffic without looking, drive through an intersection out of turn and engage in other reckless actions on the road.

These dangerous behaviors can cause serious accidents, like T-bone or side-impact collisions.  Victims injured in a collision resulting from a failure to yield should consult with experienced Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorney David I. Fuchs for guidance. Call (954) 568-3636 to schedule a free consultation.

Collisions Caused by Failure to Yield

Accidents caused by failure to yield can involve passenger vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  These types of accidents are especially common when drivers do not safely share the road with motorcycle riders and do not allow a motorcyclist to take his or her turn.

Accidents caused by a failure to yield usually occur at intersections, but can also happen when drivers are pulling out of driveways or parking spaces.  The driver who is supposed to stop, either because of a traffic signal or right-of-way rules, may strike another vehicle and cause a collision if he or she moves forward at the inappropriate time.

The force and impact of the collision can have a serious and devastating impact on the driver and passenger inside.  In fact, a total of 871 car accident deaths in Florida in 2017 were caused by a failure to yield.  These accidents accounted for 16.91 percent of fatal Florida car accidents that year.

The more serious the injuries sustained in an accident, the more compensation should be available to the victim or surviving family members of those killed in a crash caused by failure to yield.  Fort Lauderdale injury attorney David I. Fuchs can help victims of these accidents obtain full and fair compensation for their losses.

Taking Legal Action after a Failure to Yield Accident in Fort Lauderdale

After a failure to yield accident, or any automobile accident, it is important to contact local law enforcement immediately.  The Fort Lauderdale Police Department or Broward County Sheriff can evaluate the circumstances of the accident and may ticket the driver who violated right of way or yielding laws.  The accident report and any traffic citation issued can be invaluable if the motorist who failed to yield tries to argue that you were to blame for the accident.

A Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer can also assist in gathering the evidence needed to prove a car accident claim based on failure to yield.  There are often witnesses to crashes who can testify about the actions of the drivers immediately leading up to the accident.  Accident reconstruction specialists can also be consulted to determine who was at fault.

Call David I. Fuchs, Injury & Accident Lawyer, P.A.

Investigating the cause of an accident and gathering evidence are important aspects of building a strong case.  As a victim, you have the burden of proving that the other driver’s failure to yield was a direct cause of your accident.  You must prove negligence on the part of the driver in order to obtain compensation.

Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer David I. Fuchs can assist in developing a strong case.  Call (954) 568-3636 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and learn more.