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T-Bone Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

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A side impact collision, also called a T-bone collision, generally occurs at an intersection when one vehicle is progressing straight and the other is making a turn. The perpendicular cars form a “T” and one is struck hard on the driver’s or passenger’s side.

Unfortunately, data has indicated that side-impact collisions are among the most dangerous and may cause more fatalities than any other type of crash, including head-on accidents. The damage from a side-impact crash can be extensive and those injured or those whose loved ones have been killed should consult with A Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney. At David I. Fuchs, Injury & Accident Lawyer, P.A., we focus on justice in personal injury and wrongful death litigation and have experience helping many car accident victims.

The Dangers of a Side Impact Collision

Side impact collisions are very dangerous for many reasons. According to the University of Michigan Department of Surgery, seat belts are not very effective in preventing injuries when a car is struck from the side. Side air bags are also relatively ineffective as well because airbags are not able to limit intrusion into the vehicle caused by the striking car.

When a car hits from the side, there is very little to absorb the crash energy, which is transferred to the occupants. The car itself intrudes into the area where the driver and the passenger are sitting, typically causing serious injury. The University of Michigan indicates that this intrusion into the cabin is the determining factor in the seriousness of side-impact crashes:

  • A serious crash is defined as an intrusion of six inches or more coupled with roof buckling.
  • A moderate crash is defined as a crash with between four and six inches of door intrusion.
  • A minor crash is defined as an accident with less than four inches of door intrusion.

Higher speed side-impact crashes generally result in more intrusion and more serious injuries.

Who is at-fault for a T-Bone Accident in Fort Lauderdale?

When a side impact crash occurs, it is important to determine why the accident happened, especially when serious injury results. Although Florida has no fault insurance coverage for minor injuries, those who suffer serious injuries in Fort Lauderdale are generally able to make a claim for damages against the person who was responsible for causing the accident. Because side impact crashes so often result in serious injury, personal injury lawsuits or car accident claims are common after these accidents happen.

To make a claim for damages after a side-impact crash, you will need to show that the other driver was negligent or careless and caused you to suffer harm. Side impact crashes don’t just happen, so someone is typically negligent in causing the occurrence. Some of the common mistakes or errors that are made by drivers that lead to T-bone accidents include:

  • Failure to obey traffic signals including stop signs and red lights.
  • Failure to yield the right-of-way at intersections.
  • Drivers misjudging the speed of other drivers.
  • Drivers misjudging the behavior of other drivers, such as believing that someone will stop at a yellow light.

In these and other situations, one of the drivers breaks the rules of the road or makes a careless decision. Under South Florida law, that driver should pay for damages caused and should be held responsible for compensating the injured victims for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other damages. If the side impact crash results in death, the responsible driver can face wrongful death damages, including loss of companionship paid out to the family members of the person killed in the wreck.

Our T-Bone Accident Lawyers Can Help

A Fort Lauderdale attorney can assist you if you or a loved one has been hurt in a side impact crash. At David I. Fuchs, Injury & Accident Lawyer, P.A., we have extensive experience representing clients in serious injury or wrongful death claims resulting from all types of accidents including T-bone collisions. We can help you to gather evidence to prove who was to blame and we can fight for your right to fair compensation.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your side impact accident claim, give our Fort Lauderdale accident lawyers a call today at (800) 570-2858.