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Motorcycle Accident FAQs

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Accidents of any type can be life-altering events for everyone involved. Motorcycle accidents, much like bike and pedestrian accidents, are typically quite serious, primarily because of the lack of various safety protections generally afforded to individuals operating and riding in automobiles. That being the case, people who have been involved in motorcycle accidents often have a number of questions and concerns after an accident occurs.

At The Law Offices of David I. Fuchs, David Fuchs and his team are well aware of the seriousness of all accidents and we are prepared to help injured parties understand their rights and obligations under the law. The following questions and answers are provided to help individuals gain a basic understanding of the issues and concerns that typically matter the most to hurt accident victims. If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident, do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance.

Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

Unfortunately, an accident can occur no matter how cautious individuals are when operating their motor vehicles, bikes and motorcycles. Still, there are various reasons why motorcycle accidents happen. Some of the more common reasons include driver distraction, hazardous road conditions and low visibility. Even in such conditions, all motor vehicle operators have an obligation and responsibility to keep a watchful eye out for motorcyclists, in the same way state and local governments have an obligation to ensure road conditions are as safe as possible for everyone traveling area roadways.

If I’m Involved in a Motorcycle Accident, How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

There is a statute of limitations (or time limit) established for filing a lawsuit for personal injuries. Under Florida law, the time limit for filing is four years from the date of the accident. Injured individuals should be aware, though, that the longer they wait to file after a motorcycle accident, the harder it will become to obtain the just compensation they need and deserve.

If I Receive Compensation For My Injuries, What Will It Cover?

For those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident, this is probably one of the most pressing concerns. Depending on the severity of the accident, hurt individuals may face extensive medical expenses, particularly if the injuries are so serious that the hurt individual is unable to work. That said, our attorneys will work hard to ensure you obtain the compensation needed to cover not only your medical costs and lost wages, but also costs related to potential vocational rehab and physical therapy that may be needed after the accident — as well as pain and suffering.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer After My Motorcycle Accident?

We realize that it is all too easy to assume that you can handle your case on your own and resolve the matter simply by seeking a payoff from the insurance company of the at-fault party. However, all accident victims are encouraged to seek knowledgeable legal guidance prior to speaking to the other party’s insurance company to resolve their claims. Our accident attorneys are quite familiar with the tactics used by insurers, and we fully realize that in certain instances, a settlement may not be the best decision for the injured individual.

Sadly, many injured parties and their families realize after they’ve accepted a payoff from the insurance company that the amount received does not nearly cover all of the accident-related issues they are forced to deal with. Injured parties should be focused on their recovery, not on dealing with insurance companies and other parties who may be involved in the case. Let our attorneys help you fight for the funds to which you are entitled. Contact The Law Offices of David I. Fuchs today to discuss your case.

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