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David is awesome! Settled my case quickly and is definitely the right man for the job. Highly recommended.”

Rich H., Client

Burns are some of the most painful of all bodily injuries. The can take weeks or even months to fully heal, and they leave behind significant scarring, disfigurement, and disability. Burns are also prone to infection and typically require more hospital time than most injuries. Medical bills and lost wages can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars – not to mention the significant physical pain and emotional suffering burn survivors experience.

At David I. Fuchs, Injury & Accident Lawyer, P.A., we’re passionate about helping Fort Lauderdale burn victims. We know that most burns are preventable and arise out of someone else’s negligence. Our team of Fort Lauderdale burn injury lawyers can investigate a bad burn, identify why it happened, and pursue compensation from the at-fault party or parties. We can do everything it takes to secure a fair recovery for such an injury. If you or a loved one suffered a burn, let our Fort Lauderdale injury attorneys help you.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Fort Lauderdale

Burns happen when the body’s tissues suffer damage from heat, electricity, chemicals, or radiation. Burns can vary in severity, from first-degree burns that don’t cause blisters or scarring to third-degree burns that can result in amputation of the limb from severe deep-tissue damage. Burns can kill the skin cells, causing permanent damage that a survivor can never fully recover from. If this happens, the burn victim or surviving loved ones may have the opportunity to sue the party responsible for causing the burn. A wide variety of things can cause burn injuries in Florida, including:

If a bad burn happens in a vehicle, at work, or right at home, don’t hesitate to contact our Fort Lauderdale burn injury attorneys. There could be one or more parties legally responsible for your burn injury and resultant damages. Another driver, your employer, or a product manufacturer could all become defendants in your personal injury claim. A free case evaluation with someone from our Fort Lauderdale law firm can help you identify the responsible parties and pursue fair compensation for your damages.

What to Do After a Burn Injury

Burns can result in long and difficult recoveries. During this time, take it upon yourself to learn as much as you can about your burn injury. Get in touch with other parties involved as well as anyone who witnessed the incident and asks for written statements of what happened. File a claim with an insurance company if applicable, such as your own vehicle insurer or your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Next, contact our lawyers to discuss your rights. We can help you with insurance settlement negotiations and let you know if we believe your accident has merit as a personal injury claim in Fort Lauderdale. If so, we can file a lawsuit on your behalf, so you don’t miss any important deadlines or requirements. Our burn injury attorneys will assist you every step of the way toward maximum financial recovery. Call (954) 568-3636 for a free consultation today.