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Did you or a family member recently get into an auto accident with an 18-wheeler in Fort Lauderdale? You could be eligible for significant compensation through a lawsuit against the truck driver, trucking company, and/or truck manufacturer. Call the lawyers at David I. Fuchs, Injury & Accident Lawyer, P.A. to explore your rights as a victim. We’ll listen to your story and tell you if we think your case has merit during a free, zero-obligation case evaluation. Schedule yours online or call (954) 568-3636 today. Although tire blowouts commonly cause 18-wheeler accidents in Florida, many other factors may also come into play like:

  • Truck driver negligence.
  • Other failed auto parts.
  • Poor driver training.
  • Fleet maintenance.
  • Or other reckless drivers on the road.

These all can cause 18-wheeler accidents. Contact our lawyers after any type of Fort Lauderdale 18-wheeler truck accident to learn your rights as an injured party. We may be able to secure you a settlement or judgment award to make up for your damages.

As you can see, there could be many parties liable for your recent trucking accident. As a truck driver or other driver on the roadway, it’s your right to investigate the crash and find the underlying cause of who or what caused the tire to blow. Working with an attorney in Fort Lauderdale can help make this feat much easier on you. Our firm can hire a team of investigators and gather evidence, including the truck’s black box (the device that records the driver’s actions leading up to the accident), as well as the driver’s electronic logging device. Let us help you sue one or more parties for compensation after an 18-wheeler crash. Get in touch online for a free case evaluation today.

Injured in an 18-Wheeler Tire Blowout in Fort Lauderdale? We Can Help

Driving next to an 18-wheeler on one of Florida’s many highways is frightening enough without something like a tire blowout happening. In 2017, there were 4,268 commercial vehicle crashes in Broward County alone. Big rigs present special risks to drivers compared to smaller vehicles. At up to 80,000 pounds, commercial trucks can completely obliterate smaller vehicles in collisions. A tire blowout can be the beginning of the end for drivers near 18-wheelers when it happens. If a tire blowout caused your recent semi truck accident in Fort Lauderdale, find out how David I. Fuchs, Injury & Accident Lawyer, P.A. can help.

If a vehicle with 18 wheels experiences a blowout, the other 17 don’t necessarily prevent a serious accident from happening. Large truck tire blowouts are incredibly dangerous accidents that are unfortunately somewhat common on Florida’s roadways. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), more than 1,000 large trucks experienced tire problems that caused crashes over the course of a three-year study. Tire issues accounted for 1% of all large truck crashes that year. The most common causes of 18-wheeler tire blowouts are as follows:

Defective Truck Tires

Defective tires from the auto or tire manufacturer can experience blowouts more often than other tires. Defective tires may show wear and tear faster, lose tread, and blow out more easily. If an 18-wheeler tire contained a design problem, manufacturing defect, or marketing mistake that caused an accident, a victim might have a product liability claim against the manufacturing company.

Poor Truck Maintenance

An 18-wheeler can travel thousands of miles in the span of a week. Tires require regular inspections, maintenance, repairs, and replacements to prevent issues such as flats and blowouts. It is a trucking company’s responsibility to take care of its fleet vehicles. Failure to do so, resulting in a related accident, could come down to truck employer liability.

Negligent Truck Driving

A truck driver is also responsible for checking his or her truck before hitting the road – including inspecting the tires. Even if a truck driver cannot have prevented a blowout, he or she should use proper driving techniques to safely pull to the side of the road if a blowout does occur. If negligence on the driver’s part contributed to the accident, the company will often be vicariously liable.

Dangerous Roadway Defect

One of the main causes of tire flats, blowouts, and vehicle rollovers is roadway defects. Potholes are particularly dangerous for tires, as is debris in the roadway. It is up to Florida’s government to keep roadways reasonably safe for 18-wheelers and other drivers. Victims might have cases against the state or city government in the event of a road-related tire blowout.

Liability for 18-Wheeler Tire Blowouts in a No-Fault State Like Florida

There are many parties involved in the safety and upkeep of a large truck. It starts with the manufacturer and distributor of the parts that make up the big rig. Tire manufacturing companies must test their products extensively before placing them on the market. Any error in the design, manufacturing, marketing, or distributing processes can result in tires that are unfit for the road. Defective tires might wear out sooner, have worn tread, or be more prone to blowouts rather than slow leaks compared to non-defective tires. Crash victims can potentially sue the manufacturer of the truck tires if they can prove a defect exists.

If 18-wheelers have good tires from the beginning, the next party that could cause a safety hazard is the individual or company that owns the truck. This could be the same company that hires the drivers, a company that leases big rigs, or the driver if he/she is an owner-operator. The owner of the truck is responsible for inspecting the vehicle before each day of driving. It is the owner’s job to detect problems with the tires and make repairs to prevent blowouts and accidents. Poor truck maintenance can fall on the owner of the vehicle or on the crew in charge of truck inspections or repairs.

The truck driver might be at fault if he or she is responsible for daily truck inspections, or if he/she contributed to the blowout with negligent driving. For example, if a reasonable and prudent truck driver would have seen and avoided an obstacle on the highway, the truck driver might be liable for running over the item and causing a tire blowout and accident. The government could also be liable for the obstacle or defect in the road, such as a pothole if the agency should have repaired the hazard but failed to do so.