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Truck Driver Operator Errors

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David is awesome! Settled my case quickly and is definitely the right man for the job. Highly recommended.”

Rich H., Client

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you probably have many questions. Along with the concerns regarding who can be held responsible for your damages, you probably want to know why such accidents happen in the first place.

At The Law Offices of David I. Fuchs, David and his team know that there are a number of common truck driver errors that can result in serious, life-changing accidents. If you believe your accident may have been caused by a mistake made by the truck driver, contact our office right away. Time is of the essence in accident cases and we do not want you to be denied the just compensation you deserve all because you did not file your case in a timely fashion.

Common Mistakes Made by Truck Drivers

An accident can happen for any number of reasons; however, there are a few common reasons why truck accidents occur based on operator error. For example, some truckers choose to operate their big rigs while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. This includes both legal and illegal drugs, as well as certain supplements. Some truck operators have an addiction to drugs, while others may simply be taking certain prescription drugs or supplements to help them meet their obligations and finish their routes quicker.

And as we all know, drinking and driving is dangerous under any circumstances. But it is important to note that the drinks ingested do not necessarily have to be alcoholic beverages to cause a problem for truck drivers. In fact, truckers who drink a high number of sodas may experience issues due to blood sugar swings that are often caused by such drinks.

Another trucker error that can result in an accident involves a lack of roadway familiarity and/or poor training. Florida truck drivers must meet strict requirements in order to perform their job duties. Truck operators who were not properly trained or were not taught to operate the specific truck in a safe manner run the risk of causing accidents. Injured parties who can prove that the driver was inadequately trained may be successful in proving liability against the driver and/or the trucking company.

Driving recklessly or too fast for conditions is also a common truck driver error that can lead to accidents. Unfortunately, for many truck companies, the bottom line is all that matters. That said, truck drivers who can make their deliveries quickly tend to get more jobs, which ultimately means everyone makes more money. But that type of compensation system often leads truckers to speed and when they speed, their reaction times are lessened considerably.

Finally, many trucker errors stem from the driver simply not operating the truck in a safe manner. Truck drivers have an obligation to operate their big rigs in a safe and responsible manner, just like the operators of passenger vehicles. Still, some drivers fail to follow the basic rules of driving a tractor trailer. It is not uncommon for a driver to fail to check his or her blind spot before making a turn, or he or she may fail to heed and observe signs on the highway. Such failures and omissions can lead to deadly accidents.

If you were injured in an accident with a truck driver, or if you have lost a loved one due to trucker error, you may be entitled to compensation. Let The Law Offices of David I. Fuchs help you with your case and provide you with the quality representation you deserve.