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Top 10 Product Recalls in June 2018

Posted in Defective Product Law,News,Personal Injury on June 15, 2018

Strict consumer product safety standards, unfortunately, aren’t enough to prevent defective and dangerous items from making their way to the shelves. It might not always be possible to avoid a product-related accident, but consumers can reduce their risks by staying on top of the most current product safety announcements and recall lists. Here are the top 10 recalls for June 2018.

Goodman Food Products Ground Beef

On June 5th, Goodman Food Products of Mansfield, TX announced a recall of its fully-cooked ground beef products, which is distributed to the USDA for the National School Lunch Program for use in schools in Maine and Connecticut. The recall came after consumers complained of finding hard white pieces of plastic in the meat. The meats involved in the recall have “EST. 5886A” printed on the USDA mark on the labels.

Apotex Corp. Nasal Spray

Apotex Corp., a national drug manufacturer, issued a voluntary recall of one of its nasal spray products on the last day of May after a consumer complained of a pump that wasn’t working. Upon investigation, the company found that glass particles were blocking the actuator and impairing the functionality of the pump. The recall affects Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray USP 50 mcg per spray 120 Metered Sprays.

LED Tube Lamps from GE

General Electric (GE) has issued a recall of about 92,000 LED tube lamps for potential electric shock and electrocution hazards. GE issued the recall after discovering that the pins in one side of the tube lamp might receive energy during installation or removal. The model recalled is the GE Lighting 31243 LED13T8U840 LED two pack tube lamps.

Keyera Energy Propane Gas

Keyera Energy recalled 1.7 million gallons of propane gas the company believes does not contain enough odorant to warn people of gas leaks. Undetected gas leaks pose a high risk of serious fires, explosions, and burn injuries. Consumers should contact their suppliers or retailers to request free inspections of their Keyera Energy propane tanks.

Supermercado Selectos Products

Supermercado Selectos, a Puerto Rico firm, issued a recall of more than 15,000 pounds of raw, frozen meat, seafood, and poultry products. These items did not receive federal inspections under the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service. The items in question left the manufacturer from August 2017 to May 31, 2018.

SunMed Holdings, LLC Medical Devices

SunMed Holdings, LLC has recalled 18,808 STAT-Check devices and Medline resuscitator bags, distributed to healthcare facilities from February 1st to May 13th, 2018. The ports on the bags might not fully seat during use, resulting in possible patient port detachment. This would mean the bag is not delivering oxygen to the patient.

H-E-B EconoMax and Hill Country Fare Ice Cream

The manufacturer H-E-B issued a voluntarily recall of some flavors of its EconoMax, Hill Country Fare, and Creamy Creations ice cream and sherbets because of possible contamination with pieces of metal. The company discovered that a piece of processing equipment had broken pieces of metal during a routine maintenance inspection. Stores have recalled all affected products of these items.

Shearer’s Foods, LLC Dill Pickle Chips

On June 4th, Shearer’s Foods, LLC issued a recall for Meijer brand Dill Pickle Flavored Potato Chips (9.5 ounces). The chips may contain undeclared milk products, running a risk of an adverse reaction in consumers who are allergic to milk. Affected chips left the manufacturer from April 20th to May 29th, 2018.

Hospira Naloxone Hydrochloride Injections

Hospira, Inc. issued a recall of some of its Naloxone Hydrochloride Injection products due to potential contamination from “embedded and loose particulate matter” in the syringe plunger. The items involved in the recall are lots 72680LL and 76510LL.

Keystone RV 2018 Montana Fifth-Wheel Trailers

Keystone RV Company issued a recall on 313 model 2018 Montana fifth-wheel trailers. The recall occurred because the trailers might have defective slide-out rooms that don’t have circuit protection. Lack of circuit protection presents a fire hazard to consumers.