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Two Pedestrians Killed, Two Others Injured, in Truck Accident

Posted in News,Pedestrian Accident,Personal Injury,Wrongful Death on February 26, 2014

Personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale are promoting caution among drivers and pedestrians after a recent car accident left two people dead, and two others severely injured. With Florida’s standard sunny weather, even in the winter months, joggers, bikers, and walkers take to roadways and sidewalks to get out for exercise, errand running, and daily commutes. But with driver distraction levels at an all-time high, with the increased dependence on smart phones and other handheld devices, pedestrians need to stay extremely alert and take every precaution for safety while out and about. 

Last month, a driver in a Ford pickup swerved onto the shoulder of a road outside of Orlando, striking a group of four people who were walking alongside the roadway. The driver, 54, then backed up onto the road again, and drove for several feet before smashing into a nearby concrete pole. So far, law enforcement officials have been unable to determine what exactly caused the driver to run his truck into the group of pedestrians, who were walking 4-5 feet back from the road. Several witnesses at the scene told police that the crash looked intentional, and that the driver had deliberately turned his car into the shoulder, heading straight for the walkers, before swerving back out into his own lane. Police reported no skid marks at the scene of the accident.

A 62-year-old woman from Indiana, but living in Florida for the winter, was killed in the collision, and her husband, also 62, was severely injured, and had to undergo reconstructive surgery for his fractured arm and leg. The couple’s neighbor, a 60-year-old man, was also killed. The fourth walker, 73, was badly injured, and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The driver was also treated for severely critical injuries, but later died, although his official cause of death has not been released. 

The two surviving men may be able to successfully bring lawsuits against the driver, personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale say. If the driver is found to be at fault, then his estate can be held liable for any compensation or monetary penalties. Although money cannot make up for the loss of a loved one, the man whose wife was killed may be able to also file a wrongful death lawsuit, along with the family and relatives of the other man who was killed, offering some measure of financial repair.

Pedestrians should use extreme caution on the roads, and be wary of drivers acting erratically or suspiciously. If a car is headed off the road, be sure to move quickly and put as much distance between yourself and the car as possible. Even if you are out of the car’s path, slippery patches of road or mud could cause the vehicle to spin out of control and hit anything—or anyone—nearby. 

If you or your loved ones have been injured in a car-pedestrian collision, the personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of David I Fuchs are here to help! Contact an attorney at our Fort Lauderdale office for a consultation today.