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Zimmerman Out Of Hiding Allegedly Assists Family In Florida Car Accident

Posted in News,SUV Rollover Accident on July 26, 2013

Florida police say that George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of all charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin assisted a family after it’s vehicle overturned on a Florida highway.

He was was one of two men who allegedly assisted in the rescue of the the family who were pinned inside their sports utility vehicle.

According to police, Zimmerman spotted the car, took a fire extinguisher from his car and checked for indications of fire before assisting in the family. The family members fortunately were not injured.

Zimmerman may be facing a civil suit by the Martin family and whose actions on the night of the Martin murder are being investigated by the United States Justice Department. The family is lucky that his actions in their rescue did not lead to any injury of Mr. Zimmerman.

In the State of Florida. if an individual sustains injuries while in the midst of a rescue  they may be able to collect money damages for their damages from the person whose carelessness or negligence led to the need for a rescue. Florida law will hold a negligent party legally liable not solely for the injuries to the victim, but also to any of the victim’s rescuers as well. The reason for this is that it is deemed foreseeable that a person could be hurt in a rescue attempt of an accident victim. Further, the would be rescuer is acting because of a scenario solely manufactured by the negligent party or parties. The negligent person therefore was the cause in fact of the the injuries to the victim as well as to the rescuer.

In Florida, to bring a rescue doctrine cause of action, a plaintiff must prove that the other party or parties were negligent, that the property or person that was the subject of the rescue was in imminent danger, and that the rescuer acted reasonably. All three of these points must be proven to bring an actionable rescue doctrine suit. The key to most successful rescue doctrine case is whether or not there was imminent danger and whether the rescuer acted reasonably.

Had Zimmerman been injured in the rescue, the country could have been witness to Zimmerman seeking and perhaps collecting money damages from a family he allegedly helped to rescue, while the Martin family and the Justice Deparment potentially pursue him for civil and criminal sanctions and damages for the death of Trayvon Martin.