What is “Accident Reconstruction” in a Florida Car Collision Case?

Car crashes last a matter of seconds, but you may find yourself replaying the details of your crash in your mind for years to come. But how accurate is your memory? As research continues to prove that the human memory is prone to mistakes, the need for cold, hard, facts has grown.

That is why accident reconstruction in Fort Lauderdale car collision cases is such an important service for those trying to prove liability. If you’re looking for skilled representation in your car accident case, call David I. Fuchs, Injury & Accident Lawyer, P.A. to get started.

An Introduction to Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction takes a scientific approach to figure out the specific details of a car crash. It’s a multidisciplinary topic, covering everything from physics and vehicle dynamics to accident simulation and modeling. Investigators look into every piece of available evidence and use it to determine facts like each vehicle’s speed at the time of a crash, the direction that each vehicle was traveling, and how each occupant moved because of the force of the crash.

To come to these conclusions, accident reconstruction experts use information sources like collision reports, photographs, witness statements, video, and victim statements.

How Accident Reconstruction Helps Your Case

This type of expert testimony may be extremely valuable to your personal injury case. Without accident reconstruction, a Fort Lauderdale personal injury case often comes down to two people’s recollections of a crash. While you may fully believe that the other party was liable and that you did nothing to contribute to the crash, they may believe the same. Even if they know they caused the accident, you can’t expect them to testify honestly.

Accident reconstruction offers a neutral, objective viewpoint. Their findings can make your innocence clear and offer verifiable proof that the other party caused the accident. Juries are likely to give significant weight to the words of an expert witness in Fort Lauderdale during the process of evaluating and reconstructing a crash.

What Accident Reconstruction Experts Do

When a reconstruction expert is hired for a case, they start off by gathering basic evidence of the crash. In some cases, investigators respond quickly enough to examine the crash scene directly. This often occurs if a victim has an attorney who can get this type of assistance lined up quickly.

The reconstruction expert may gather evidence about obstacles on the road, speed limits, weather conditions, and markings on the road or nearby structures. From there, they continue to gather evidence by talking to witnesses, getting information from police reports and medical reports, and putting information through modeling programs. The more data they gather, the more accurate their model becomes.

The ultimate goal of an accident reconstruction expert is to uncover the truth about a crash. By specifying the elements involved in a crash—such as each vehicle, roadways, obstacles either car encountered, and nearby structures—and the factors that affected the crash, they may be able to figure out exactly which factors caused the collision and how each factor contributes to the drivers’ liability.

Upon finishing their work, the expert will typically draft a comprehensive report. The report should detail their methodologies, the evidence they had available to them, and the technology they used throughout the reconstruction process. They should walk readers through their process, indicating the changes made to the model throughout, and explain how they reached a conclusion. The report should explain how they believe the accident occurred and why it happened. Depending on the Fort Lauderdale expert hired, they may also create a video reenactment of the crash as they believe it happened.

Does Your Case Need an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

Not every case needs an accident reconstruction expert, but when it’s helpful, it can complete change the course of a trial. Evidence is lacking in many auto wreck cases, and when it comes down to what they say and what you say, having an expert back up your retelling of events is extremely beneficial.

Generally, the more complex an accident is, the more helpful an accident reconstruction expert is. A simple rear-end accident without any confounding factors and with multiple witnesses may not need an expert witness. A nighttime crash without any witnesses that occurred in rainy weather and left evidence that could be explained multiple ways could greatly benefit from accident reconstruction.

In situations like this one, consider the advice of your attorney. They know what to expect in court and how strong your case is. If our Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers believe an accident reconstruction expert could clear up misunderstandings, add clarity to your case, or provide additional evidence that cements your case, they may suggest it.

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