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    Commercial trucks, construction vehicles, and delivery trucks are a constant sight on Deerfield Beach’s roads. Despite their obvious utility, these massive vehicles can be dangerous to other travelers and pedestrians. Even though the drivers of these vehicles must obtain special licenses, they still need to operate their machinery with the same caution that most drivers do. Additionally, special laws regulate the maximum time that a trucker can spend on the road. Causing an accident by failing to follow these rules could open a truck driver up to substantial liability.

    If you were injured in a crash with a commercial vehicle, you should take your case to a Deerfield Beach truck accident lawyer like David Fuchs. A Deerfield Beach personal injury attorney could investigate your collision, prove that a negligent defendant is to blame, and help you pursue compensation from a commercial vehicle corporation.

    Laws that Govern Safe Truck Travel

    It is key to understand that many rules regulate the trucking industry. Any truck driver needs to follow important rules concerning speed limits, yielding, and safe signaling. Commercial vehicle employees must also abide by the federal regulations concerning maximum vehicle weight and the number of allowable drive hours.

    For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that truckers cannot drive more than 11 hours without spending at least ten consecutive hours off duty. Additionally, these same drivers cannot exceed 60 hours in any seven-day period.

    If a plaintiff can collect evidence demonstrating that a truck driver violated these rules, they can likely collect substantial compensation. Gathering proof can be challenging, but a hardworking Deerfield Beach attorney could exhaust all possible options and fight to maximize the value of a truck accident case.

    Potential Limitations on a Truck Collision Claim

    The purpose of a truck crash claim is to collect compensation for all a plaintiff’s losses. Monetary damages could include reimbursement for medical bills, payment for lost wages, and money for pain or suffering. However, even a seemingly simple case may meet resistance from several laws.

    One limiting factor in many truck wreck cases is the concept of comparative negligence. This legislation requires courts to evaluate the actions of all parties involved in a crash and assign blame accordingly. Unfortunately, these laws allow a trucker to argue that a plaintiff shares some or all the fault for an accident. If a jury believes this argument, a claimant might not be able to collect the full extent of compensation they deserve.

    Another restricting factor is the statute of limitations. This law determines how long a truck wreck plaintiff has following an injury to demand compensation. Under Florida Statute § 95.11, a court cannot consider a case if a plaintiff waits more than four years following the date of the accident to file a complaint. Similarly, an insurance company will not offer any settlement terms if this statute of limitations has expired. A knowledgeable lawyer in Deerfield Beach understands the importance of adhering to the statute of limitations and could help a truck accident victim file their claim on time.

    Reach Out to a Deerfield Beach Truck Accident Attorney Today

    Any truck crash could have a devastating effect on a person’s life. If you were hurt in crash with a commercial vehicle, it is important that you speak with a legal representative about filing a civil claim.

    A Deerfield Beach truck accident lawyer is here to help you get started. A legal representative like David Fuchs could work explain your rights, determine whether a truck driver violated the law, and fight for the compensation you deserve. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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