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$1.8 Million Brain Injury Settlement
Case Type: Traumatic Brain Injury
22 Year Old Female’s Brakes Fail After Servicing, Suffers Serious Injuries

A 22 year old plaintiff on her way home after having her car’s brakes serviced, can’t stop her vehicle and collides with another car in Broward County. She suffers serious neck and shoulder injuries and is forced to miss time from work.

fort lauderdale car accident lawyers
Case Type: Car Accident
$100,000 Policy Limit for Back Surgery
Case Type: Car Accident
accident lawyer fort lauderdale
Police Aide Responding To an Accident Hit By Car

Plaintiff, a 32 year old Police Aide in South Florida, responds to the scene of the accident in Broward County, Florida. While rendering support she is physically hit by another vehicle and she sustains serious injuries to her right knee, right hip and back.

fort lauderdale car accident lawyers
Case Type: Car Accident
personal injury lawyer fort lauderdale fl
$325,000 Injury Settlement for 70-Year-Old Man

A client in his 70s with no pre-existing conditions was involved in a multi-vehicle accident and suffered serious lumbar herniations and hip injuries, and received multiple epidural steroid injections as a result. We were able to work quickly to secure a $325,000 settlement to help him recover.

fort lauderdale car accident lawyers
Case Type: Car Accident
Motorcycle Driver Hit By Tractor-Trailor on the Highway

21-year-old male driving and riding a motorcycle on a public interstate highway hit by a tractor-trailer truck which negligently and recklessly entered his lane of traffic when truck attempts to exit highway. He was wearing a helmet but was thrown off the motorcycle, his body hitting and violently impacting with the road.

He sustained and suffered severe trauma injuries to his head, neck, arms, shoulder, back, legs and ankles. He was taken to the hospital and admitted where was also found to have suffered brain trauma, massive lacerations and scarring that were permanent as a direct consequence of his impact with the hard asphalt surface of the road payment.

He made a claim for the negligence of the truck driver seeking compensation for his massive pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of income and wages, doctors and hospital bills, health insurance liens, and other economic and non-economic losses and damages.

car accident lawyer in fort lauderdale
Case Type: Motorcycle Accident
17-Year-Old Male At Unsupervised Super Bowl Party Falls Off Balcony

The plaintiff a 17-year-old male in South Florida attends a friend’s Super Bowl party where alcohol is served to minors. The renters of the home, the hosts of the party, are aware of the presence of underage children in their home but allow alcohol to be served nonetheless. As the plaintiff proceeds with his girlfriend to the second floor of the home, he is approached by another minor male that is clearly intoxicated. Unprovoked, this male pushes the plaintiff up against the railing on the second floor. As the plaintiff is struggling to fend off this assault and battery, the railing collapses and the plaintiff plunges to the ground below sustaining near life-threatening injuries. All the while there were no adults present to prevent the assault and battery which would have eliminated the chances of said accident occurring.

After the fall, the adult hosts of said party do not render aid to the plaintiff and do not call for an ambulance. After the plaintiff’s sister arrives at the party and visualizes her brother’s near-critical medical conditions she rushes him to a local hospital’s emergency room where he is diagnosed with severe traumatic injuries to his neck and back.

A Neurosurgeon would subsequently perform several surgical procedures under general anesthesia, including a cervical disc fusion to ameliorate the severe daily pain that the plaintiff suffers.

A claim has been filed against the homeowner’s insurance of the owner of the premises claiming the owner was negligent and allowed the accident to occur in failing to inspect, maintain and repair said railing, and in further failing to supervise minors on their premises and to otherwise allow alcohol to be served to underage minors on their premises. The claim requests compensation for the plaintiff’s extreme pain and suffering and medical bills.

boca raton car accident lawyers
Case Type: Premise Liability
Guest At South Florida Hotel Slips And Falls On Painted Outdoor Ramp

A 52-year-old plaintiff on vacation in South Florida with her daughter slips and falls on an outdoor ramp that is painted with what is upon information and belief believed to be indoor paint. The ramp has no handrails and is directly under a rain gutter. At the time of the plaintiff’s accident, it had been raining and rainwater was pouring out from the gutters, which apparently had not been cleaned or maintained for some time, onto the painted ramp. As the plaintiff proceeded onto the ramp she slipped and fell on the slippery painted surface of the ramp fracturing her right elbow.

She presented immediately to a local hospital’s emergency room for immediate medical care and treatment where the above diagnosis was made.

A lawsuit has been filed in Broward County Circuit Court seeking compensation for the plaintiff’s extreme pain and suffering, and her economic damages which include past. present and future lost wages and medical bills. The lawsuit claim maintains that the hotel was negligent in having a ramp on its premises that did not comply with county and state building and safety codes and in its failure to maintain the rain gutters.

boca raton personal injury attorney
Case Type: Slip and Fall
Man Involved in a Five-Car Accident on the Highway Sustained Back Injuries and Scarring

A 45-year-old male involved in a serious five-car accident on the interstate highway sustained serious back injuries and scarring. He also lost time from work and suffered lost wages, medical bills and other serious economic losses as a result of the accident. The defendant and its insurance company settled the case only upon the filing of a lawsuit to fairly compensate the plaintiff for his injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering.

fort lauderdale car accident lawyers
Case Type: Car Accident
Employer Found Vicariously Liable For The Negligence Of An Employee

24-year-old male and employee of K-Mart was crushed and killed by a forklift while on the job. He had been hanging onto to the outside of the forklift while it was moving and being operated by a fellow employee. He fell off the forklift when it struck a depression on the sidewalk and road. While the victim pleaded with his fellow employees to move the forklift as it was in the process of crushing him, K-Mart employees waited for emergency services and ambulance personnel after making a half-hearted attempt to lift the forklift off the plaintiff by hydraulic jack. The employee operating the forklift did not have the appropriate training or experience to operate that machine.

While Florida law allows a death benefit for some of the victim’s surviving family members a further Negligence and Wrongful Death claim against K-Mart shall be made in an attempt to pierce Florida’s Workers Compensation Immunity umbrella claiming that K-Mart was grossly negligent and reckless in allowing an untrained employee to operate dangerous machinery in a completely unsupervised environment.

car accident attorney fort lauderdale
Case Type: Wrongful Death
Visitor To South Beach Hotel Slips And Fall On Marble Tile and Fractures Ankle

50-year-old Plaintiff on the first day of a holiday in South Beach in Miami slips and falls on marble tile on an outdoor stairway exiting to the street, badly fracturing her left ankle. She is taken to the hospital, treated and returns to the hotel where she is confined to her room for the duration of her stay.

A claim was filed against the insurance carrier for the hotel which argued that as the hotel is so old, applicable Miami-Dade County and State of Florida building and safety codes do not apply.

The plaintiff made the argument, that the risk perceived defines the duty owed in so much as the tile in question placed outdoors was clearly indoor tile which can be very slippery when wet and as the hotel is located near the beach where an abundance of sand, salt and condensation can be will consistently buildup on those steps that the hotel should have foreseen a risk of harm to its guests and taken appropriate action notwithstanding the aforementioned code issues.

The carrier settled the matter pre-suit.

boca raton car accident lawyers
Case Type: Premise Liability
15-Year-Old Minor is Remanded to a Youth Shelter

A 15-year-old minor is remanded to a youth shelter. He threatens upon admission to hang himself from a bunk bed with a leather belt. The youth shelter inexplicably assigns him to a bunk bed room and allows him access to a belt. He is then found hanging from a bunk bed causing serious and catastrophic brain injuries, coma and death. The shelter settled for a confidential amount.

car accident lawyer boca raton
Case Type: Negligent Supervision
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