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    The Plantation area offers many wonderful opportunities for people to ride their bikes. However, accidents between bicyclists and other motorists are common even with established bike lanes and paths. Due to the size of motor vehicles, bike riders rarely escape from these collisions unharmed. Many severe injuries require months of painful rehabilitation and doctor visits. In some cases, these injuries negatively impact your quality of life and ability to earn income.

    When another person causes a bike accident, the bicyclist could claim damages for their injuries. If you were injured in a bike incident, a Plantation bicycle accident lawyer could help you file a personal injury claim to hold negligent motorists accountable and recover the compensation you deserve.

    How Do Bicycle Accidents Happen?

    Bicyclists have every right to use the same streets as other drivers. As a result, bike riders often are forced to share the road in heavy traffic. However, bikers – like motorists – have a responsibility to drive safely.

    The most common cause of accidents is a lack of mutual awareness. Many drivers do not respect bicyclists’ rights under the law. Unfortunately, this can result in a failure to yield to bikes properly. Other common causes of bicycle accidents include:

    • Ignoring stop signs
    • Failing to signal
    • Speeding
    • Distracted driving
    • Driving while drunk

    Any of these activities may not only cause an accident but can serve as evidence in a bicyclist’s legal claim for damages. A skilled attorney could work to gather information and proof of negligence after a bike crash in Plantation.

    How to Pursue a Bicycle Accident Case in Plantation

    Because most bike crashes are accidents, injured people must pursue claims using a legal theory known as “negligence.” The concept applies when a person suffers an injury due to a defendant’s reckless act. In short, negligence applies when a defendant owed a legal duty of care to a plaintiff. If a defendant fails to protect a plaintiff from harm and causes an injury, they must compensate the claimant.

    However, bicyclists also owe a duty of care to motorists. For example, a bike rider must respect a driver while sharing the road. Therefore, if a biker cuts off a vehicle and the driver swerves into another car, the bicyclist may be responsible for paying the damage to both vehicles, including the medical costs of all passengers.

    Unfortunately, even the most clear-cut cases of driver negligence may fail if the claim is not filed within the appropriate timeframe. A legal concept known as the statute of limitations governs when a plaintiff’s case can go to court. Under Florida Statute § 95.11, all claims alleging personal injury due to a bike accident have a time limit of four years from the date of the incident to be filed in court with a few rare exceptions. A dedicated lawyer in Plantation like David Fuchs can help a plaintiff file their claim on time and retain their right to financial compensation.

    Let a Plantation Bicycle Accident Attorney Pursue the Claim

    Bike riders and drivers share a tenuous relationship on the road. Despite some drivers’ opinions, bike riders have the same rights as all other travelers, including the right to sue for damages that occur from driver negligence.

    A Plantation bicycle accident lawyer could help lead a case for damages. A legal representative could immediately examine every case detail and build a claim for fair compensation. Contact an attorney today to get started.

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