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    Many people who endure personal injuries are fortunate enough to make a full recovery. Sadly, severe injuries, including paralysis, have the potential to effect a person for the rest of their life.

    If you were partially or permanently impaired because of another person’s actions, a paralysis injury lawyer may be able to help. Failure to act reasonably and prevent others from getting hurt might open a defendant up for legal liability, and a dedicated Plantation, FL personal injury lawyer like David Fuchs could capitalize on this. Our legal team could explain the laws that create liability, gather evidence of defendant fault, and seek out fair payments to cover past and future losses.

    What Causes Paralysis Injuries?

    It is an unfortunate fact that paralysis injuries can result from life’s most mundane tasks, like getting behind the wheel of a car, shopping for groceries, or going to see a movie. Common examples of events that may result in paralysis include:

    Any crushing, twisting, or pulling on the nerves in the spinal cord may result impairment or paralysis. Because these injuries are so significant, a person may lose function in their arms or legs for the rest of their lives after an accident. In some cases, an individual may lose control over all bodily functions from the neck down. A skilled attorney in Plantation could investigate an incident that resulted in paralysis and determine the specific cause.

    Helping Paralyzed Claimants and Their Families Seek Out Fair Payments

    Proving that someone was responsible for an accident that resulted in paralysis is only one aspect of a successful case. Claimants must also be able to document how their injury has impacted their life. Plaintiffs often accomplish this by verifying the medical costs they incurred after an accident. At-fault parties are responsible for reimbursing plaintiffs for their hospital bills and any emotional damages that result from paralysis injuries.

    The impact of paralysis is substantial, as people may undergo invasive surgeries and stay in the hospital for an extended period. Likewise, they may be required to attend physical therapy. Being paralyzed can also affect other aspects of a person’s life, such as their hobbies, relationships, or family time. Some accidents might even prevent an individual from earning a reliable wage.

    Filing Deadlines for Paralysis Injuries

    It is important to file a civil lawsuit promptly after a paralysis injury. Florida Statute §95.11 says that most injured people have four years after the date of an accident to file a lawsuit in court. A failure to meet this deadline could bar an injured person from recovering any compensation for their losses. However, a tenacious lawyer in Plantation could ensure paralysis injury claims are filed within this important timeframe.

    Let a Plantation Paralysis Injury Attorney Take the Lead in Seeking Justice

    Events that result in paralysis are common, typically resulting from the carelessness of another person. If a negligent defendant parties fail to keep you safe when they were obligated to do so, the law says that they must provide full compensation for all resulting losses and setbacks.

    A Plantation paralysis injury lawyer is ready to help you to seek out these payments. An attorney like David Fuchs could take whatever step is necessary to protect your legal rights while you focus on healing. Reach out to our team today to get started.

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