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    Many people do not realize that pedestrian accidents are a subset of car crash cases. Drivers have the same duties to protect pedestrians while behind the wheel as they do to protect motorists in other cars. However, if a person was on foot during an incident, the driver does not automatically assume blame for the crash.

    Pedestrian accidents can result in serious injuries, but there is no guarantee of financial recovery. In fact, a victim must bear the burden of proving that another party was responsible for the incident.

    If you were hit by a negligent driver while walking, a Plantation pedestrian accident lawyer might be able to help you to pursue your claim. A Plantation, FL personal injury attorney can work to measure your losses, evaluate the actions of other parties, and demand appropriate payments from all at-fault defendants.

    What Protections do Drivers Owe Pedestrians?

    Pedestrians carry the same rights and responsibilities as drivers on Plantation’s roads, meaning that motorists must take reasonable actions to prevent harming an innocent pedestrian. At the same time, pedestrians must walk responsibly and avoid entering a driver’s space.

    A prime example of this dynamic is the law concerning the right of way in crosswalks. According to Florida Statute § 316.130, drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians using a crosswalk. In addition, motorists must be aware of people on foot in parking lots or garages where pedestrians commonly walk.

    However, walkers must also minimize their own risk of harm. In addition to crosswalks, pedestrians should utilize walk signals at intersections and allow drivers to come to a stop before stepping in front of a vehicle. If a pedestrian can justify their actions prior to an accident, a defendant may be at-fault for a collision. A knowledgeable attorney could bolster an accident case by explaining the laws that govern a driver’s obligations towards pedestrians in Plantation.

    Injuries Seen in Pedestrian Crash Cases

    Pedestrian accidents can vary greatly in severity. Common injuries that someone on foot might suffer after being hit by a car include:

    • Separated joints
    • Severe cuts or bruises
    • Traumatic brain damage or other catastrophic injuries
    • Broken bones

    Many plaintiffs are fortunate enough to suffer injuries that require minimal medical treatment and have no long-term effects on their health. However, even minor car crashes involving pedestrians can negatively impact a person’s life.

    What Can a Person Recover After a Pedestrian Crash?

    A claim for damages can seek full payment for all necessary medical treatment an injured person needs after a crash. A pedestrian accident claim can also evaluate a plaintiff’s other losses, including economic damages like lost wages or emotional traumas. A hardworking lawyer in Plantation could help measure a pedestrian’s losses after a crash and demand proper payments from negligent drivers.

    Let a Plantation Pedestrian Accident Attorney Stand Up for You

    Few examples of personal injuries can have as profound an impact as pedestrian accidents. Any collision with a moving car can knock a person to the ground and cause severe injuries. However, the mere fact that one party was on foot while another was driving a car does not determine blame.

    Prevailing in a pedestrian accident case involves proving that a driver’s negligence was the source of your losses. Additionally, you must justify your actions to combat allegations of contributory negligence that can damage your claim. A Plantation pedestrian accident lawyer could gather persuasive evidence, measure the impact that the incident had on your life, and require negligent parties to pay for your losses. Reach out to our office today to speak with a knowledgeable team member.

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