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    Attorney Fuchs Can Help Navigate an Uber or Lyft Accident Claim.

    Driving in Fort Lauderdale rush hour traffic is enough to give anyone a migraine, so it’s no surprise that rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have become enormously popular in this region. Passengers reach their destinations without the annoyance of driving in traffic and without the need for parking.

    But ridesharing does have a downside. The increasing competition in the field leaves drivers fatigued, trying to beat the clock on their current trip, and driving unsafely. If you or someone you love has been injured in a crash, let a Fort Lauderdale Uber and Lyft accident lawyer help. David I. Fuchs, a dedicated vehicle collision attorney, can assess your case and help you pursue compensation from these large corporations.

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    How Our Attorneys Can Help Your Uber Accident Case

    When you’re involved in an accident, whether as a passenger or because a Lyft driver hit your car, you absolutely need dependable legal representation.

    There are myriad factors at play in a ridesharing accident case, and without legal assistance, you could end up with nothing. For example, the driver may have multiple insurance policies in effect—their personal insurance policy and their Uber policy. When this happens, there is often a dispute between the insurance providers about who really needs to pay and who gets off scot-free. This leaves you, the victim, without recourse as multimillion-dollar companies fight over an injury claim.

    David Fuchs cuts through all of that to get to the heart of what matters: your compensation. As your Fort Lauderdale Uber lawyer, he conducts a thorough investigation of the Lyft or Uber accident to establish liability and understand your damages.

    With a solid understanding of the accident and substantial evidence, he goes to the negotiating table to get what you deserve. With over 30 years of experience in the practice of law, David Fuchs has honed his negotiation skills to the point that he can fight aggressively for each and every client. They fight for their own profit margin; David Fuchs fights for you.

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    Me. Fuchs was my car accident attorney and was very responsive from the first call. I had medical care the next day and the whole process was smooth. They handled everything with the insurance companies and coordinated all of the necessary medical information. It was a long process and in the end the settlement I received was much higher than anticipated I am more than happy and grateful for the outcome.
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    David Fuchs was my car accident attorney. He was able to settle my case with little to no trouble and did so in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend him to others.
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    Nicholas Gambardella
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    They have a wonderful team. Jessica was very helpful and took care of my well being, very informative about my situation also they were on the ball when it came down to settling...I highly recommend David

    Causes of Uber and Lyft Collisions

    Rideshare accidents have creeped up in number as Lyft and Uber have become more popular across the country. While drivers face the same risks and challenges as personal drivers, the fact that they are paid drivers adds a number of other factors to the mix. Some common causes of rideshare crashes include:

    • Speeding. Uber and Lyft drivers are paid a set amount for a trip, with slight variances for time and mileage. You may think that this is enough to encourage them to drive safely, but in fact, there is still significant pressure to complete a greater quantity of trips. Even with mileage and time factored in, drivers simply make more by doing multiple short trips than by doing one long trip. This is particularly true during surge times, when drivers are in high demand and receive higher fares. Consider, too, that Uber offers bonuses to drivers who complete a set amount of trips in a specific time frame. It’s no wonder that drivers speed to get to their next fare.
    • Inexperience with the area. While some drivers stick to the area they are familiar with, there are times that a trip takes them out of their main area and into a nearby suburb or different neighborhood. When a ride pops up in that area and they take it, they could find themselves on roads they are unfamiliar with. This significantly increases the risk of an accident, particularly if they’re trying to go as fast as possible to get their next ride.
    • Fatigued driving. Even with surge fares and tips, many drivers report barely scraping by on Uber and Lyft earnings. Add in the fact that driers have to pay for their own health insurance since they are contractors, and you have a situation where drivers have to put in crazy hours to make a living. This means that the Lyft driver who picks you up may have been on the road already for 11 hours, significantly increasing the risk of an Uber car accident.
    • Distracted driving. To get to their destinations more quickly, many Uber and Lyft drivers have a phone stand set up in their car so they can use GPS. Unfortunately, some drivers don’t just use this for GPS. They may be accepting other fares in anticipation of dropping you off, checking text messages that pop up, or even replying to messages.

    Who is Liable for a Rideshare Crash?

    Determining liability is fairly complicated in an Uber accident claim. Much depends on the status of the driver at the time of the crash and whether or not the driver met Uber’s standards.

    If the driver does not have the app on, their insurance company is responsible for any damage they may cause. If the driver is on the app but does not yet have a passenger, some coverage is available to those who have an Uber driver hit their car. Coverage is accessible to those injured while a driver is on the way to pick up a passenger or is transporting a passenger.

    However, this only determines who pays up if the driver is liable. In many circumstances, the driver is liable for the damage caused in an accident. Liability may shift to Uber or Lyft if they did not properly screen the driver and therefore missed disqualifying facts.

    If the driver has a felony, DUI, hit-and-run misdemeanor, violent crime conviction, lewdness conviction, or convictions for driving with a suspended license, the driver should not be approved by the company. If the company permits them to begin driving anyway, they could be liable.

    While all of this might sound intimidating, a seasoned attorney in Fort Lauderdale like David Fuchs can fight to determine exactly who needs to assume responsibility for a Lyft or Uber crash.

    Insurance Requirements for Uber and Lyft Drivers

    One of the biggest questions that arose in the early days of Lyft accident claims was the question of insurance. Luckily, state law now addresses that, and rideshare drivers are provided insurance by their company that meets state limits. Per state law, Uber and Lyft must provide drivers with the following amount of coverage:

    • When a driver is waiting for a ride request. They must have $50,000/$100,000 in bodily injury liability coverage and $25,000 property damage liability coverage.
    • When they are on their way to pick up a passenger and when they have a passenger. Drivers must have $1 million in total liability coverage.

    Get Compensation For Your Uber or Lyft Accident

    What does this mean for you when you are involved in an Uber car accident as a passenger? It means that your attorney has a lot of avenues to explore as they investigate the accident and try to establish liability. It may come out that the company did not properly vet the driver and failed to uncover a history of DUIs, which would put liability on the shoulders of the company. It may come down to an error on the part of the driver, leading to damages that must be paid out by Lyft or Uber.

    Regardless, it is important to track the financial and non-financial losses you suffer. When someone comes to us and asks, “A Lyft driver hit my car, what do I do?” we ask for documentation of their losses. This may include repair estimates from mechanics, medical reports indicating the extent of your injuries, and a receipt for your car insurance deductible. Other losses that drivers or passengers may be compensated for include:

    • Medical bills and other expenses
    • Lost wages
    • Lost future income if your ability to work is permanently impaired
    • Pain and suffering
    • Property damage
    • Loss of consortium
    • Disability and/or disfigurement

    We can help you fight for the compensation you are owed. When you choose ridesharing, you should be able to feel confident that you are being driven by a competent and vetted driver. When their negligence causes you harm, it isn’t fair that you get left with the repercussions. David Fuchs has negotiated a number of Uber accident settlements and Lyft accident settlements, and he knows how to navigate the complexities of Fort Lauderdale ridesharing laws.

    Our goal is to help you get the compensation you deserve. Too many people get little to no compensation because of an insurance company’s legal team. Insurance companies have spent a lot of money and time figuring out how to reduce payouts and deny payouts entirely, and when you file a claim, all of that knowledge is working against you.

    You deserve an Uber or Lyft car accident attorney who can bring the company to the table in good faith. Instead of spending your time dodging insurance company calls or trying to gather evidence, you can entrust our legal team to your attorney and focus on recovering.

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