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    Nothing can compare to the feeling of freedom motorcyclists experience while riding on the open road. But unfortunately, this activity can be incredibly dangerous, especially since state law does not require that riders wear a helmet or any other protective gear unless they are under 21 years old, putting many riders in a vulnerable position.

    Despite this, bikers still enjoy protection under the law in the case of an accident with another motorist. For example, like other drivers, motorcyclists can sue other negligent individuals for causing a collision. A Miramar motorcycle accident lawyer like David Fuchs helps bikers who have been injured in accidents hold the at-fault drivers responsible for their reckless actions. Get started by discussing your case with a Miramar injury attorney.

    Injuries Associated with Motorcycle Collisions

    Because state law does not require that most riders wear protective equipment, the consequences of an accident of this nature can be severe. Sadly, collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles will likely result in bikers being thrown off their bike. This force alone is enough to break bones upon impact. If a rider skids along the pavement, their skin will be burned and torn. Even if the biker is wearing a helmet, a sharp blow to the head can cause concussions and loss of consciousness.

    These physical injuries may pale in comparison to the mental effect of a crash. For example, motorcycle accidents, even those that occur at low speeds, can potentially traumatize the rider for years. Fortunately, lawsuits following motorcycle crashes can claim damages for both physical harm and mental anguish. Additionally, severe cases can allow plaintiffs to demand compensation for medical costs, permanent bodily injury, and mental suffering. A dedicated attorney in Miramar can work to evaluate the impact of a crash on a rider’s life.

    What Rights do Motorcyclists Have Under State Law?

    While motorcyclists risk their safety when they get on their bikes, they are not necessarily responsible for their injuries in crashes. All drivers, whether operating cars, trucks, or motorcycles, have a duty under the law to protect everyone else on the road, including passengers and pedestrians.

    It is a common misconception that bikers are inherently more reckless drivers than others. Fortunately, this myth does not impact how motorcycle accident claims are handled. If an accident is a rider’s fault, police reports will reflect their liability. All motorcycle collision cases alleging negligence must prove that another driver failed to protect a biker.

    At the same time, Florida Statute § 768.615 says that courts must examine the actions of both bikers and other drivers to determine fault for a crash. If the at-fault driver was speeding or ignored a red light, it does not matter if the person they hit was in a car, truck, bicycle, or motorcycle—they are responsible for the damages. A motorcycle crash lawyer in Miramar can build strong cases against at-fault drivers.

    Let a Miramar Motorcycle Accident Attorney Fight for You

    People injured on their motorcycles face a stigma that they were responsible for the rash because they were riding a bike. However, that is not always the case. Riders have the same rights as any other drivers on the road.

    Whenever a biker is injured because of another driver’s negligence, they also have the right to compensation. Let a Miramar motorcycle accident lawyer like David Fuchs take the lead in this fight. Contact us today.

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