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    There are several types of accidents that can lead to personal injury claims. For example, victims may pursue compensation for injuries related to car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and slip and fall accidents.

    However, the process for pursuing compensation in a personal injury lawsuit can be tiresome and frustrating. Cases may take weeks to months to years to complete. Furthermore, defendants may employ various strategies to dispute plaintiffs’ claims.

    If you or a family member were hurt because of someone else’s negligence in Pompano Beach, FL, get help recovering the monetary damages you deserve. Get in touch with our experienced Pompano Beach personal injury lawyers by calling The Law Offices of David I. Fuchs, Injury & Accident Lawyer, P.A. at (954) 866-1750. Our attorneys can provide a confidential and free case assessment.

    Types of Damages Available to Plaintiffs in Personal Injury Lawsuits in Pompano Beach, FL

    There are multiple categories of monetary damages available to plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. The amount of compensation awarded in your case will likely depend on the severity of your injuries and the impact your injuries had on your life. During your free case review, our Pompano Beach personal injury lawyers can help determine which of the following damages can be sought:

    Medical Expenses

    Plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits can recover compensation for any medical expenses they incur because of their injuries. This includes the cost of all past, current, and future medical treatment. Damages for medical expenses are usually established using medical records and bills. Therefore, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible after suffering a personal injury. Our attorneys can help find the right doctors for you.

    Lost Income

    Many personal injuries cause victims to spend time away from work while they recover. Accordingly, plaintiffs in personal injury cases can recover payment for lost income. These damages are usually calculated using workers’ average weekly wages.

    Unfortunately, some workers are prevented from performing the same work that they tended to before their accidents. In such cases, our Pompano Beach personal injury lawyers can help plaintiffs recover compensation for their lost future earning capacity. Claims for lost future income can be complicated. The assistance of our attorneys can be highly beneficial when seeking these damages.

    Out-of-Pocket Expenses

    Furthermore, plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits can pursue damages for out-of-pocket expenses they incur. There are multiple types of expenses that can be compensated. For instance, a personal injury victim may incur transportation costs when travelling to and from court proceedings and medical appointments. Furthermore, an injured parent may require costly assistance with child care while they recover. In such cases, plaintiffs can recover compensation for the out-of-pocket expenses they suffered.

    Damages for out-of-pocket expenses are typically established using financial documents like receipts. Therefore, you should save the receipts for any expenses you incur because of your personal injury.

    Property Damage

    Plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits may also recover compensation for property damage they sustained. For example, a car accident victim may suffer severe damage to their vehicle because of a crash caused by another, negligent driver. In that case, the plaintiff could recover compensation for the cost of repair or replacement of their car. Our Pompano Beach personal injury lawyers can help support a claim for property damage in your case.

    Pain and Suffering

    In addition to suffering physical pain, many personal injury victims endure severe emotional trauma. For example, someone who suffers a spinal cord injury may be prevented from participating in the same hobbies that they enjoyed before their accident. Further, a victim with a traumatic brain injury may have difficulty engaging in relationships with family members. Therefore, plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits can obtain payment for the physical pain and emotional suffering related to the harm they sustained.

    Common Causes of Personal Injuries in Pompano Beach, FL

    There are many different forms of negligent behavior that can cause personal injuries. Our Pompano Beach personal injury lawyers can help recover payment for damages related to any of the following types of accidents:

    Car Accidents

    Car accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injuries. Many crashes occur because of drivers’ careless and reckless conduct. For instance, the following are all common causes of car accidents in Pompano Beach:

    • Drunk driving
    • Speeding
    • Distracted driving
    • Disobeying traffic signals
    • Illegal lane changes
    • Improper left turns
    • Tailgating

    If you suffered a car crash, our attorneys can investigate whether it stems from one of the aforementioned causes. Afterwards, our team will help determine the proper course of action.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents are another common cause of personal injuries. Riders are not afforded the same protections as those driving standard cars. Therefore, they have a high propensity to suffer serious injuries when they are struck by negligent motorists.

    Many motorcycle accidents occur because drivers do not notice riders sharing the roadways. Our Pompano Beach personal injury lawyers can help hold parties responsible for motorcycle accidents they cause.

    Pedestrian Accidents

    Furthermore, pedestrian accidents are a source of many personal injuries in Pompano Beach, FL. Pedestrians are often struck because drivers fail to obey traffic signals and do not yield the right-of-way. These accidents often occur at intersections and in crowded urban areas. Fortunately, victims of pedestrian accidents may pursue payment for the harm they suffered.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Lastly, many personal injuries occur because of slip and fall accidents. Property owners are responsible for maintaining their premises for the safety of visitors. When owners to not perform proper maintenance and upkeep for their premises, harmful slip and fall accidents can occur.

    There are many different types of evidence that can be used to prove that a property owner is at fault for a slip and fall. If you suffered such an accident, you should contact our attorneys right away. Our Pompano Beach car accident lawyers can offer support when building your case.

    Our Pompano Beach Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

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