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    The growing presence of ridesharing vehicles on Plantation’s roads poses many important legal questions, including who bears responsibility for accidents. For years, Uber drivers have been fighting to gain status as employees of their companies, but courts have repeatedly rejected this argument. As a result, all Uber drivers are considered independent contractors, meaning they are responsible for obtaining their own car insurance.

    Unfortunately, many insurance policies do not cover ridesharing activities, making it difficult for crash victims to recover payment for their injuries. However, if you were injured in a rideshare collision, a Plantation Uber accident lawyer could help you to obtain the compensation you deserve for your medical bills, lost income, and diminished quality of life. Contact a Plantation car accident lawyer like David Fuchs today to learn more.

    Uber and Employment Law

    Uber has hired thousands of drivers to serve as ridesharing providers to customers worldwide. Although drivers utilize company software to interact with riders, the fact that these employees are independent contractors can complicate claims for compensation.

    Since Uber does not offer insurance for these independent contractors, drivers instead must purchase their own coverage. Therefore, claims against negligent rideshare drivers must go through insurance companies as if the defendant were driving their own vehicle. This might seem confusing for anyone involved in a crash with a rideshare driver, but a knowledgeable attorney like David Fuchs could provide more information about how Uber’s employment laws affect civil litigation and accident claims.

    Pursuing a Claim against an Uber Driver

    Complications can arise when pursuing damages from a rideshare driver’s insurance policy. For example, many insurance plans do not cover losses that result from participating in an economic activity like working for a rideshare company. Therefore, many Uber drivers unknowingly drive without proper coverage, which can be detrimental to plaintiffs who need to pursue monetary damages from their driver. In some cases, a plaintiff’s insurer may contain an uninsured driver clause, allowing them to recover payments from their own policy.

    Regardless of what legal path a plaintiff chooses, they must prove that a defendant was responsible for their accident. Speeding, failing to yield, and texting while driving are all common examples of negligent driving. In some cases, even rideshare passengers may file claims for damages against careless drivers. A dedicated lawyer in Plantation could help demonstrate that a defendant’s negligence was the source of a plaintiff’s injuries and work to get them the maximum recovery possible.

    Reach Out to a Plantation Uber Accident Attorney Today

    In recent years, more and more people have begun to rely on ridesharing services to get to work, run errands, or serve as designated drivers after a night out on the town. These drivers have an obligation to protect all other motorists, including their passengers. Therefore, anyone who sustains an injury because of an Uber or Lyft driver’s recklessness has the right to demand compensation.

    Because Uber and other rideshare drivers are independent contractors, recovering payments for a plaintiff’s injuries can be difficult without help from a legal professional. Fortunately, a Plantation Uber accident lawyer could work to get you a favorable case outcome. Contact a lawyer today to schedule a consultation and get started on your claim.

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