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    The Plantation area is a great place for motorcyclists to ride. With warm weather year-round, residents and visitors can take advantage of the sunny skies and enjoy the outdoors from their motorbikes. Unfortunately, these vehicles do not offer much protection, meaning that serious accidents can occur when motorcycles share the roads with other cars.

    If an automobile hit you while you were riding your motorcycle, you are likely facing a grueling physical recovery filled with pain, doctors’ visits, and rehabilitation. In addition to physical and financial setbacks, you might also face emotional difficulties as you learn to cope with the aftermath of the crash.

    A Plantation motorcycle accident lawyer could help you file a personal injury claim to pay for your setbacks, losses, and unpredicted expenses. Our relentless and responsive team, headed by attorney David I. Fuchs, could also handle communication with insurance companies to secure the justice you deserve.

    What Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Plantation?

    Drivers must share the roads with motorbikes safely. Cars should take the time to look around for approaching motorcycles, especially before turning, merging into traffic, or changing lanes.

    However, drivers are not always aware of motorcyclists. Because motorcycles have smaller frames and are lower to the ground, they are harder to see on the road. This means that a driver could cause a motorbike crash in many ways, including through:

    • Distracted driving
    • Speeding
    • Fatigued driving
    • Operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Aggressive driving, such as tailgating, illegal passing, or unsafe lane changing

    Severe injuries can also occur even when a car does not physically collide with a motorcycle. For example, a car or truck might be traveling close to a motorbike, forcing the rider to fall off their vehicle.

    A skilled attorney in Plantation could investigate the facts of a motorbike crash to determine how the collision occurred. A tenacious legal team member could also use their experience and knowledge to review accident reports, medical records, and interview eyewitnesses. In some cases, a lawyer might visit a crash scene to look for additional information about the details of a collision. After determining who bears responsibility for a motorcycle crash, a dedicated legal representative could ceaselessly pursue a claim to help an injured motorcycle rider pay for their losses.

    Can a Motorbike Rider be Found at Fault for a Crash?

    Sometimes, litigation involving motorcycle accidents is not straightforward. In some cases, a motorcycle rider involved in a crash might bear some responsibility for the accident. For example, if a motorcyclist speeds or weaves in between traffic, they might be found partially liable for their injuries.

    Fortunately, Florida courts do not bar injured motorcyclists from filing legal claims, even when they share blame for a collision. State law implements a comparative negligence standard, meaning that even if a motorcycle rider contributed to a crash, they could still pursue financial compensation for their injuries. However, a court will reduce an individual’s recoverable damages based on their percentage of fault.

    A seasoned lawyer in Plantation could review the circumstances of an accident and help ensure that a motorcycle crash victim gets the financial compensation they deserve, even if an insurance corporation tries to pin the wreck on the plaintiff.

    Call a Plantation Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Learn More

    After a motorcycle crash, you should not have to about how you will pay for your medical bills. Instead, you should focus on healing from your injuries. Although it might be tempting to accept a quick settlement from a motorist’s insurance company, this could be detrimental in the long run. Insurance companies usually offer unreasonably low settlement proposals following an accident.

    However, an experienced Plantation motorcycle accident lawyer could examine your case, negotiate with manipulative insurance corporations, and help you get adequate compensation to pay for your injuries and losses. Call David I. Fuchs today to get started on your claim.

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