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    A car accident can turn your life upside down, whether it’s for a few days as you try to figure out repairs and insurance calls or for the rest of your life as you struggle with permanent injuries. No matter where you fall on this scale, you deserve a dependable and aggressive injury attorney that will fight for your right to compensation.

    Plantation Car Accident Attorney

    Dealing with the Insurance Company

    Don’t get caught in this logic trap. Yes, the insurance company may have reached out to you already. This often happens when it is abundantly clear that their client is to blame for the crash.

    Their goal at this point is to have you sign a liability waiver and to pay you as little as possible to get that signed waiver. When they call, they may sound apologetic, concerned about your health, and willing to do what’s right. None of it is true. Their actions still serve their own goals, which is to make as much money as possible.

    Trying to get them to negotiate in good faith is often impossible for Plantation accident victims. Even if you have evidence, you may not know how to present it or what will actually encourage them to give a fair offer.

    That’s where we come in. From the very beginning, we will take charge of the entire claim process. From investigating the accident and establishing a solid body of evidence to negotiating aggressively with the car insurance company, everything we do is in your best interests.

    David Fuchs has gone head to head with countless insurance companies over the decades he’s been in business, and he brings that entire body of experience to your case. In some cases, the insurance company isn’t willing to play fair.

    What to Do After a Car Accident in Plantation

    Unfortunately, what you do immediately after a Plantation car accident can damage your car accident claim. It’s important to take the right steps to protect your right to seek compensation.

    1. Report the Accident

    After checking on everyone in your vehicle, call 911 to report the accident. Let them know about any injuries you and your passengers have suffered so they know how much help to send.

    2. Seek Medical Care

    If EMTs arrive on the scene, let them check you and your passengers over for injuries. Even if their initial check doesn’t show any major injuries, plan on going to the ER or doctor’s office after the accident for a more thorough check for car accident injuries.

    3. Document the Accident

    While at the scene of the accident, take photos and video footage of the crash. This will be necessary to prove liability as you seek compensation. Remember, each insurance company will be fighting on behalf of their client. If the other party’s insurance company attempts to shift the blame to you, you want to have evidence showing what actually happened. If anyone stops to help, find out if they witnessed the accident. Gather contact information for any witnesses.

    4. Get Contact and Insurance Info

    Before you leave the scene of the accident, exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. Check with the police officer on-site to make sure you aren’t violating any Florida accident laws by leaving the scene of the accident.

    5. Reach Out to a Skilled Attorney

    After seeking prompt medical care, one of your top priorities should be hiring a skilled car accident attorney in Plantation. Whether it is clear the other party is at fault or the truth is a bit more unclear, you absolutely need someone whose only goal is to fight for you. Once the other driver’s insurance company finds out what happened, they will act quickly to try to shut down any claims you have.

    Types of Car Accident Compensation

    As you work with your auto accident attorney, you’ll learn about your options for compensation.

    Compensation is typically divided into economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to those that clearly reflect actual financial losses, while non-economic damages offer compensation for non-financial losses. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, some of the compensation options you may explore include:

    Medical Bills & Future Medical Expenses.

    Medical bills add up quickly after a car accident, even if you’ve only sustained minor injuries. Your attorney will help you maintain documentation of your expenses and bills. For example, you may know that you need to keep copies of medical bills and co-pay receipts, but you may not know that you can track mileage to and from doctors’ appointments and seek compensation for that. If your injuries are severe enough to require long-term or lifelong care, your settlement may also compensate you for the expenses you are likely to incur.

    Lost Wages & Lost Future Income.

    Whether you spend one day off of work handling the accident or you have to spend months away from work healing, you should not lose your source of income because of someone else’s negligence. A solid settlement will compensate you for the time you have to spend away from work. Serious accidents often leave car accident victims unable to work or progress in their careers, which is why some settlements have damages for lost future income.

    Property Damage.

    A totaled car or a car that needs significant repairs can leave you financially strapped and unable to meet your obligations. Talk to your attorney about seeking compensation for property damage.

    Pain & Suffering.

    No one can give you back the time you spent in pain after an accident, but you still should be compensated for that loss. Many settlements include money for your pain and suffering.

    Mental Anguish.

    Car accidents can be emotionally distressing for victims. Victims may find themselves unable to drive, struggling with sleep issues because of recurring nightmares, or riddled with depression and anxiety.

    Do You Need an Attorney Following a Car Accident in Plantation?

    If you are in the early stages of figuring out what to do after a car accident, you may be wondering if you really need a lawyer. At this point, maybe you have even been contacted by the other party’s insurance company. If they are offering to pay you a settlement already, why would you need a lawyer like David Fuchs?

    Your choice of Plantation car accident attorney plays a big role in how much compensation you receive and how stressful the claim process is for you. You don’t just want an attorney who takes personal injury cases to pad out their other areas of practice, nor do you want someone who is ready to test their new knowledge on your case. You want a car crash lawyer who brings years of experience to the table and knows exactly what it takes to force insurance companies to take your claim seriously.

    That’s David I. Fuchs. For more than three decades, he has taken on insurance companies to get his clients the compensation they deserve. Clients enjoy the personal care he offers. As a solo practitioner, he handles every aspect of your case. You will never be pushed off to a more junior attorney or forced to go through a firewall of other legal professionals to get your questions answered. He will work directly with you to create the strongest case possible.

    David Fuchs’ experience in personal injury lawsuits shines when it is time to negotiate. With such a long record of personal injury cases, he knows every trick and tactic used by insurance companies, so nothing surprises him. Over the years, he has figured out what it takes to overcome these tactics and bring insurance companies to the table in good faith. If they just aren’t willing to give a fair car accident settlement, David Fuchs is ready to file a personal injury lawsuit and hold them accountable in court.

    Throughout the entirety of your car accident lawsuit, you can count on the support and assistance of David Fuchs and his team. Whether you have a question about Florida accident laws, need help getting a rental car, or aren’t sure where you should get medical care, we’re here with you every step of the way.

    We Build a Strong Claim

    We’re ready for what comes next. David Fuchs will start building an impenetrable court case that proves their liability and your losses. In many situations, this leads to a pre-court settlement. If not, we are more than ready to fight on your behalf in the courtroom.

    Your Plantation car accident claim plays a big role in how you move forward from this accident and start planning for the future. Do not try to do it alone.

    Plantation Car Accident Attorney David Fuchs Can Help

    As you prepare for whatever comes next, a Plantation car accident lawyer wants to be right there with you. Set up a consultation with David I. Fuchs today to get started on your case process.

    If you want a car accident lawyer with decades of experience, fierce negotiating skills, and a strong drive to do right by his clients, he’s the right attorney for you. Set up a consultation now.

    Client Testimonials

    “…the settlement I received was much higher than anticipated”

    Fuchs was my car accident attorney and was very responsive from the first call. I had medical care the next day and the whole process was smooth. They handled everything with the insurance companies and coordinated all of the necessary medical information. It was a long process and in the end the settlement I received was much higher than anticipated I am more than happy and grateful for the outcome.

    Sean O.
    Google Review
    “Not only did I get the medical attention I needed but I was compensated handsomely.”

    It’s been a long bumpy road to recovery but with David and his office’s help, we finally got it done! Through a great network of professionals, David Fuchs makes a good experience out of what could’ve been quite a headache. Not only did I get the medical attention I needed but I was compensated handsomely. Thank you!

    Giovanni G.
    Google Review
    “…they didn’t settle for anything and my boyfriend and I got what we deserved.”

    I got in an accident in December 2021 when everyone was short staffed and insurance companies was not responsive. My boyfriend reached out to David F. and what a life changing experience. We had the pleasure of having all our worries handed to professional help. They worked diligently on our case, answered questions when asked and kept us updated on changes. More importantly they didn’t settle for anything and my boyfriend and I got what we deserved. I have dealt with others in the past but David got me the most according to the facts presented and never backed down when the insurance companies tried to make us settle for less. Thank you David, Jessica and the team for all your effort and hard work. I will recommend them to family and friends. [They’re] the best in town!

    Sheila N.
    Google Review
    “Best lawyer in Broward County”
    Evans P.
    Google Review
    “Mr. Fuchs and his staff were very helpful.”

    I highly recommend Law offices of David Fuchs. Mr. Fuchs and his staff were very helpful. The case was handled in a timely manner and I was always informed if there were any changes or updates with my case.

    Velouse G.
    Google Review
    “Mr. Fuchs is one of the hardest working attorneys that I know.”

    Mr. Fuchs is one of the hardest working attorneys that I know. He is really good at what he does and puts 110% in you case. I have been using him for 19 years now and refer all my friends to him. I can leave him alone with my case and not call him all the time. I know he is working hard in my case. When he has any information he calls me and we go from there. There are not a lot of attorneys I can do that with! If you have any Personal Injuries please do call him. You won’t be disappointed!!

    Libby E.
    Google Review
    “I would definitely refer to this firm as the go-to Florida personal injury gurus.”

    At first I was afraid…I was petrified! I truly was! But the extensive knowledge, patience and professionalism I received brought me not only such peace and assurance that I was in good hands, but we got through my case like shining stars! David made sure I understood exactly what, when, where, why and [answered] whatever question I had. I would definitely refer to this firm as the go-to Florida personal injury gurus.

    Donna M.
    Google Review
    “They have a wonderful team.”

    …took care of my well-being [and were] very informative about my situation. [T]hey were on the ball when it came down to settling…I highly recommend David.

    Nicholas G.
    Google Review
    “My experience with David Fuchs was awesome.”

    I got a really good return… thank you David Fuchs and staff for being so helpful and working so hard to help us, you are appreciated.

    Yvette W.
    Google Review
    “This is a great law office.”

    The David I Fuchs law office is a group of excellent people that helped to their fullest potential. They treated me with respect and I really appreciate that. This is a great law office.

    Jonathan Z.
    Google Review
    “Never did I imagine myself getting into an accident.”

    It has been an unexpected journey since stepping foot in Florida. Never did I imagine myself getting into an accident. I just want to thank the staff and all the support. The Therapy the doctors; you guys were awesome and made me feel better in my situation. This the first time I ever experience such a thing but I’m blessed , thankful and behind it all DAVID FUCHS who made it happen for me.

    Sade P.
    Google Review
    “They helped tremendously!”

    I would totally recommend David to everyone. They’re extremely professional and work in a timely manner. They helped tremendously!

    A Boone
    Google Review
    “I highly recommend this man.”

    A good man knows, his law 35 years experience. Will get the job done and help you and your family get compensated for you pain and damages. I highly recommend this man. I want to revisit my review and say that Mr. Fuchs always picks up his phone and answer any questions that may pertain to my case. Thank you, David.

    N. Hit
    Google Review
    “He was able to settle my case with little to no trouble and did so in a very professional manner.”

    David Fuchs was my car accident attorney. He was able to settle my case with little to no trouble and did so in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend him to others.

    Samantha D.
    Google Review
    “…all went good and successful. thank you so much for all your help.”

    I got into an accident for the first time and I didn’t know what do or how things works, but I was lucky to find a professional and helpful people to guide through this experience.
    They did take care of my case all went good and successful thank you so much for all your help.

    Karen G.
    Google Review
    “Very professional. Had no problems with communication”
    Zuberi L.
    Google Review
    “He was there every time I called and got me a great settlement.”

    I was in a car accident and looking for a professional, caring attorney.I was fortunate to find Mr. Fuchs, who helped me through the whole process. He was there every time I called and got me a great settlement.

    Joan K.
    Google Review
    “My settlement was fast, fair and professionally handled.”

    Had a car accident and needed an advocate to communicate my concerns through my insurance provider. The law office of David Fuchs, was efficient and thorough. My settlement was fast, fair and professionally handled. Would highly recommend giving this office a call if you need legal assistance.

    Willie M.
    Google Review
    “A+++++ recommended.”

    I want to thank the office of David Fuch’s. A+++++ recommended.

    J. Hernandez
    Google Review
    “I could not have asked for a better team by my side.”

    They were very helpful. I could not have asked for a better team by my side.

    S. Rodriguez
    Google Review
    “They got me my settlement pretty quickly and worked hard on my case for me.”

    I was in an accident mid last year and Mr. Fuchs handled my case and his case manager[s] Yessi and Jessica were very informative as to the process. They got me my settlement pretty quickly and worked hard on my case for me. Mr. Fuchs was extremely knowledgeable and informed me of everything that would happen in my case. I will recommend this firm to my family and friends and i will be using their services in future if need be.

    Pastor D.
    Google Review