What Should You Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident in Florida?

Being involved in any type of automobile accident can be distressing for everyone involved. But when the driver who caused the collision fails to stay at the scene of the incident, your stress can quickly turn to anger and confusion.

Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer David I. Fuchs wants everyone to stay safe on the road. However, if someone fails to stay at the scene after causing an accident in which you sustain serious injuries, you should be aware that you have a number of legal rights and options.

What Should You Do After a Hit and Run?

While it is perfectly understandable for accident victims to be somewhat shaken and confused afterwards, there are a number of things that victims should do after the incident.

First and foremost, while the party causing the accident may have chosen to leave the scene, it is crucial for you as the victim to remain at the location where the accident occurred and provide help to those who have been injured, if possible.

Additionally, you are encouraged to contact law enforcement right away, and if you are able to describe any identifying characteristics of the automobile and/or driver that left the scene, share that with the police while it is fresh in your mind.

Depending on the timing and location of the hit and run, there may have been witnesses to the incident. If so, it is very important for you to obtain the contact information for everyone who observed the accident. In hit-and-run collisions, witness testimony is extremely important.

While it may be tempting to do so, you should never chase after the hit-and-run driver. The best thing you can do for yourself (and your claim) is to take pictures of the damage and when making notes about what occurred, be sure to include the date, time and even a sketch of the accident scene.

A Look at How Auto Insurance Works in Such Cases

Whenever someone is the victim of a hit and run, the incident is handled much like other types of auto accidents for insurance purposes. However, in such cases, you will be required to show that the accident was, in fact, a hit and run and you must show that the other driver who left was the cause of the accident.

Hit-and-run victims should also note that their uninsured motorist coverage will provide protection in such collisions that are not their fault, regardless of whether you were hit while in an automobile or while you were walking on an area sidewalk.

After you get home, you may find it necessary to speak directly to an attorney about the specifics of your case. Hit-and-run accidents are quite common in Florida, so it important for you to be aware of all of your options under the law.

David Fuchs and his team are available to help you with your case and will work to ensure that you obtain the just compensation you deserve whether the at-fault driver is found or not.

Attorney David I. Fuchs

Attorney David I. Fuchs

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