How to Know if You Have a Personal Injury Case in Florida

One fear that many injury victims have after an accident is that their case is lacking in some way and that an attorney will not want to help them.  Many fear that their injuries are not severe enough or that their damages aren’t high enough.  Others fear that they could be partially at fault or that they won’t have enough evidence to win the case.  Generally, you can bring even “weak” cases to a lawyer – but it is important to know when your case is “good enough,” and what makes a case even stronger.

Generally, if you have injuries that required medical treatment and time off work, you have a good personal injury case.  Additionally, if your accident happened in a place with witnesses or cameras that caught the accident, your case is probably strong because it has solid evidence of the accident.  On top of these factors, a case is also stronger if you faced more serious injuries.  Below, we list the factors that make a “good” personal injury case.

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You Faced Medical Bills and Lost Wages

Most injury cases involve damages for medical expenses and lost earnings.  These damages form the core of the “economic damages” that most injury victims will experience.  If you faced either or both of these damages, then you are probably looking at a good injury case.

Economic damages can be claimed in a personal injury case for any expenses that you had to pay because of the accident or for any money you missed out on because of the accident.  The first category includes things like medical expenses, car repairs, other property damage, household services, child care expenses, and more.  The second category primarily involves compensation for your lost wages and any reduced earnings that you face going forward with long-term or permanent disabilities.

Medical expenses and lost wages might not be very high in every case, you should never be forced to pay them on your own when someone else was responsible.  If you faced any medical bills or lost wages because of an accident, call our Miami personal injury attorney for help taking your case to court.

Someone Else is at Fault

If you caused your own injuries in an accident, you likely have a weak case.  In some situations, you might have no-fault insurance – such as after a car accident – meaning that you can get compensation through insurance even if you were at fault.  However, if someone else was clearly responsible for your injuries, that makes your case stronger.

If someone else caused your injuries, then they might have insurance to cover your damages.  However, it could be better to take your case to court with the help of our Florida personal injury attorneys.

Ultimately, many parties might share fault in your injury case.  For example, if you slipped in a puddle at a supermarket, the individual employee who failed to mop up could be at fault, but the supermarket itself would likely be included in the lawsuit as well.  The same is true, for example, with truck drivers who cause a crash; the trucking company they work for is often included in the lawsuit.  Multi-car crashes can also involve multiple at-fault parties.

If you were partly at fault for your own accident, your claim might be weaker.  Even so, the law in Florida still allows you to sue the at-fault party even if you contributed to your own accident.  Instead of barring recovery, this just means that your damages will be reduced by your percentage of fault.

You Have Witnesses or Video

Having witnesses who can testify about what happened to you makes your case very strong.  Additionally, photos and video of the accident will help present a strong case as well.

This is some of the best evidence you can have because it means that a neutral, unrelated third party can step up and corroborate your story.  Many accident cases come down to the victim saying one thing and the defendant saying another thing, but with other witnesses who agree with you, your case is much stronger.

Video of the accident is even better because it speaks for itself and doesn’t lie.  While some witnesses might be untrustworthy, clear video of the accident is great evidence.  Talk to our Ft. Lauderdale personal injury lawyers today about how to collect witness statements and video evidence from the accident.

Your Injuries Are Serious

As mentioned, you can get compensation for even minor medical bills or lost wages at work.  However, your case is much stronger if you faced serious injuries.  Not only will these economic damages be higher, but you will also likely have experienced pain and suffering and other “non-economic” damages that you can claim.

When your case is potentially worth a lot in damages, it is important to take your case to an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer who will carefully go over your damages and advocate on your behalf to get those damages paid in full.  Lawyers often prioritize strong cases with serious injuries.

Having serious injuries also makes you more sympathetic to a jury, thus strengthening your case.  If the jury can tell by looking at you and listening to your testimony that you have been seriously injured, they will be likely to look at you more compassionately and seek to have your damages paid in full.

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