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    How a Fort Lauderdale Injury Attorney Can Help

    You don’t have to navigate the aftermath of an accident alone.

    Fort Lauderdale attorney David Fuchs has been helping Florida residents get the compensation they deserve in the wake of automobile accidents, wrongful death cases, and anything else that involves a personal injury claim for well over 30 years.

    Whether it’s recovering lost income, receiving the proper financial compensation to pay your bills, or even simply gaining a sense of justice in light of your personal injury case, Attorney Fuchs will be there to help guide you through the legal process and fiercely advocate for your rights in the courtroom.

    If you were involved in an accident, know that Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer David Fuchs will be there to guide you through every step of the legal process. Since 1988, he has successfully fought for hundreds of his clients, and we’d be delighted to have you as our next success story.

    Why David I. Fuchs is the Right Injury Lawyer for You

    My negotiation and trial skills can get you the compensation you need.

    Personal injury attorney David Fuchs’ lengthy legal career as a solo practitioner is largely due to his exceptional negotiation skills. They help him craft strong winning cases for his clients time and time again. His customized, one-on-one legal advice is sound, solid, and shrewd. It’s no wonder he’s helped his clients receive millions of dollars in compensation in personal injury cases throughout Fort Lauderdale

    As an experienced personal injury attorney, David Fuchs isn’t afraid to stand up to big-name insurance companies. His passion for fair legal advocacy lies in his relationships with his clients. He’s dedicated to learning every part of your story and will uncover every fact that helps your case.

    When it comes to legal representation, you want a personal injury attorney with heart, grit, and proven experience. Attorney Fuchs checks all these boxes. He would take pride in helping you navigate the complexities of your case.

    You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Wins

    When you are suffering from physical and emotional injuries and the financial consequences of an unexpected accident, you need a financial recovery. You need money to pay your everyday bills and medical bills. When choosing the right personal injury attorney, look for someone with a track record of good results.

    Attorney Fuchs has over three decades of experience winning for his clients. While he can’t guarantee a particular outcome, in any case, he has the knowledge, skills, and tenacity to win. He has won millions of dollars for his clients, including some multimillion-dollar personal injury settlements.

    Listen To What My Clients Have to Say

    Before talking with a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, you want to get a sense of who they are. Take a look at his client testimonials to understand the type of one-on-one attention you’ll receive during your matter.

    What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

    I will be your partner through the legal process.

    Accidents happen; anyone can tell you that. But not everyone understands how difficult sorting everything out afterward can be. That is why attorney Fuchs is a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. He helps victims fight for their rights in court after an accident causes them serious injuries.

    Injury Laws and Case Processes

    The law is pretty complicated, and more often than not, legislators write it in language that’s hard to understand. Think of a personal injury lawyer as your tutor and guide. Attorney Fuchs will explain Florida’s personal injury laws and car accident regulations. He’ll also explain the realities of the situation. For example, Florida law might give you the right to sue for your injury. But realistically, you’ll win compensation through an insurance claim. Though Attorney Fuchs believes in being trial-ready, he’ll focus on negotiating you a full and fair insurance settlement first.

    Investigate the Accident

    Most people don’t know everything about the accident right away. What caused it? Who caused it? That’s what personal injury attorney David Fuchs finds out. You don’t have to take an insurance company’s word for it; you shouldn’t. You are better off hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer to investigate the accident independently and thoroughly.

    Identify Who Is at Fault and Liable

    A successful injury claim often comes down to targeting the right person or business. You have to figure out who is liable – and it might not be who you think. For example, the other vehicle driver might not be to blame, or even if they are, they might not be the one liable for compensating you. Some accident claims are more complicated than others, which is why Fort Lauderdale Lawyer David Fuchs is here to help.

    Build a Strong Case for Your Injury Claim

    Not only is attorney Fuchs there to answer your questions, but also to collaborate with you to build the best legal strategy to win your personal injury case. He won’t simply take over your case and call you when it’s over. You’re a full participant, helping him accumulate evidence of fault and your injuries. Some cases might need medical documentation to show your physical damages from the accident, while other times, he’ll look for ways to prove you weren’t at fault.

    Last but not least, a personal injury lawyer offers an objective outlook on your case, unhampered by your strong emotions in the wake of an accident. This impartiality strengthens your chances of putting forward a watertight injury case.

    Mercedes Gomez
    One of the hardest working attorneys I know
    Mercedes Gomez
    David I. Fuchs Client
    Sean Orwin
    Sean Orwin
    March 30, 2022.
    Me. Fuchs was my car accident attorney and was very responsive from the first call. I had medical care the next day and the whole process was smooth. They handled everything with the insurance companies and coordinated all of the necessary medical information. It was a long process and in the end the settlement I received was much higher than anticipated I am more than happy and grateful for the outcome.
    Samantha DiMauro
    Samantha DiMauro
    March 23, 2022.
    David Fuchs was my car accident attorney. He was able to settle my case with little to no trouble and did so in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend him to others.
    Philisha Robinson
    Philisha Robinson
    February 16, 2022.
    Jessica was so helpful throughout the case Thanks guys!!!
    joel rivera
    joel rivera
    February 10, 2022.
    Very good over all service
    Yvette Ware
    Yvette Ware
    January 27, 2022.
    My experience with David Fuchs was awesome, I got a really good return and Jessica was so helpful and worked really hard to get us back a really good return. Thank you David Fuchs and staff for being so helpful and working so hard to help us, you are appreciated.
    Nicholas Gambardella
    Nicholas Gambardella
    December 13, 2021.
    They have a wonderful team. Jessica was very helpful and took care of my well being, very informative about my situation also they were on the ball when it came down to settling...I highly recommend David
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      Understanding Negligence in Accidents

      Our Fort Lauderdale attorneys will prove who is at fault for your injury and get you what you deserve.

      Most personal injury and wrongful death cases are based on negligence. In your case, you’ll claim the other party was negligent. That means there was a standard of behavior they should have followed. They didn’t behave like they should have, which caused the accident and your injuries. Because you bring the claim, it’s up to you to prove negligence. You’ll never evidence and a convincing argument, which is why it helps to hire a skilled legal representative.

      Pure Comparative Negligence

      Florida has a law known as pure comparative negligence. It means when two or more people contribute to an accident, an insurer or court assigns each a percentage of fault. If you were partly to blame for the accident, you’d be assigned a percentage. You can receive compensation, but your percentage of fault will reduce it.

      Florida’s No-Fault Insurance System

      When it comes to auto accidents, Florida works differently than most other states. Florida is a no-fault insurance state. That means after your car crash or similar incident, you’ll first use your Personal Injury Protection insurance to recover compensation.

      But you can pursue a third-party insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit if you’re seriously injured and your damages exceed your PIP insurance. Talk with personal injury attorney David Fuchs about when you can sue after an accident.

      What Situations Might Warrant an Injury Claim?

      Fuchs will handle any personal injury claim you’re facing.

      Attorney David Fuchs has worked with many different types of personal injury cases over the last 30+ years. He knows how to fight back against insurance companies that don’t want to pay you what you deserve. Some of the types of cases he will take on include:

      Common Serious Injury Claims

      The more severe your physical injuries, the more critical it is to hire a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. You might be worried about the mounting medical debt. You might not be able to go back to work. It’s vitally important that you win compensation for your injury as soon as possible. When you work with attorney Fuchs, you can file a claim for:

      Personal Injury Compensation in Fort Lauderdale

      You need money to cover your losses – David Fuchs is here for you.

      Do you know what you can recover after an accident someone else causes? Let our injury attorneys explain during your free consultation.

      Through insurance or a personal injury lawsuit, you might win compensation for:

      What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth in Florida?

      Find the Total Value of Your Injuries & Losses.

      The simple answer is it depends. There are several factors that are instrumental in determining how much your case is worth. Learn more below.

      Call a Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Today

      Personal injury cases require skill and experience to tackle. David Fuchs has what you need.

      Attorney David I. Fuchs is an experienced and empathetic litigator who has the legal know-how to fight for you in and out of the courtroom.

      As physically and emotionally taxing as an accident or wrongful death can be, there’s hope for justice. He’s dedicated decades of his life to helping accident victims reclaim what’s rightfully theirs. He has no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

      Call our Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers today to get started on your case process.

      Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury FAQs

      1. How Much Is My Claim Worth? Your injury case value depends on several factors, including the severity of your injuries, your medical bills, whether you were partially at fault, and insurance policy limits. Once injury attorney David Fuchs knows more about your case, he can give you more insight into a potential settlement.
      2. Can I Sue the Other Driver? Maybe, it depends on the facts of your case. After severe, costly injuries, Florida’s personal injury law might entitle you to sue the liable party.
      3. How Long Do I Have To Sue? After an accident that causes you harm, Florida gives you four years to file a personal injury lawsuit. This deadline is called the statute of limitations. There are some exceptions I can explain.
      4. Do I Need To See a Doctor? Yes, you must document your physical and emotional injuries. To win compensation for an injury in Florida, you have to prove you were hurt. Medical records are one way to do that.
      5. When Should I Call a Personal Injury Attorney? I suggest calling a Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer within days of the accident. But understandably, it takes most people longer to realize they need help. Call me before you sign anything, answer an insurer’s questions, or accept payment from an insurer.
      6. How Do I Get a Copy of the Police Accident Report? Complete a Crash Report Affidavit within 60 days of the accident and use it to request a report by mail or in person from the Fort Lauderdale Police Department’s Record Unit.
      Every day that goes by costs you more.
      Let us help put a stop to that. Contact us today for a free consultation.

      In addition to a free consultation, we’ll help cover the cost of your car repairs and provide you with a rental at no cost to you. We’ll put a hold on your medical bills to stop them from piling up on the kitchen table. And most importantly, we’ll find those at fault for your car accident injury and make them pay for the damages lost. Call a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer today to maximize the potential of your case.