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    Accidents and injuries can occur in many surprising ways.  Your day-to-day life could be interrupted by serious injuries from a car accident, slip and fall, or other accident, potentially leaving you out of work and stuck with expensive medical bills.  Getting the help you need often means turning to a personal injury lawyer.

    Relying on insurance companies to have your best interests in mind is often a mistake, and insurance companies will often do whatever they can to deny payments and reduce settlements.  Having an experienced attorney fight your case and potentially take it all the way to trial if necessary is often the best way to get compensation for your injuries.

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    The Process of Filing an Injury Claim in Hallandale Beach, FL

    To get damages and have your rights vindicated after an injury, you usually start with an insurance claim.  However, many cases end up escalating to a personal injury lawsuit, which is something our personal injury attorneys can help with.

    Insurance Claims

    Whether we are talking about car accidents, injuries on someone else’s property, or even medical malpractice, there is often an insurance policy in place to cover injuries.  In some cases, such as workplace injuries and car accident cases, you are expected to use that insurance first, but other insurance claims are entirely optional.  Even so, going through insurance is often quicker than filing a lawsuit – but it does not always pan out.

    Insurance companies will often deny claims based on the grounds that they are missing information or that the policy does not apply to that situation.  Sometimes they will even do so in bad faith.  In the end, if you are able to reach a settlement offer from the insurance company, it might be too low.

    Our attorneys can appeal insurance denials and negotiate with insurance companies to try to get your payout to cover your full damages.  In the end, it might not be possible if the insurance company is unwilling to pay what they owe you, so we may need to turn to the courts to get you full compensation.

    Filing a Lawsuit

    The laws of some insurance systems – particularly work injury and car accident injuries – sometimes limit when you can file a lawsuit.  In any case where you have met the requirements to sue – or in other general injury cases – you can turn to the courts for compensation instead of relying on insurance.

    When filing a lawsuit, your lawyers prepare documents stating what happened, why the defendant is at fault, and what damages you are claiming.  There may be attempts to shut down your case at this stage, but they are often unsuccessful.  From there, you move on to discovery, where evidence is exchanged and depositions are taken to investigate the claim.  After other pretrial stages, the court should be scheduled for trial, where our lawyers can present your case to a judge and jury.

    At any stage before a jury verdict is announced, we can settle the case.  The defendant and their insurance company, given the alternative of fighting the case at trial, might be more willing to settle a lawsuit than an insurance claim.  This is especially true after the discovery stage, where they will have seen all the evidence against them and potentially realized how weak their defense is.  Our attorneys can bring settlement offers to you for review and, if you agree to settle, work out the terms and agreements, advising you every step of the way.

    Types of Injury Cases Our Hallandale Beach Injury Attorneys Handle

    Our lawyers can represent you in nearly any kind of injury case.  While car accidents and slip and fall injuries are some of the most common, our lawyers can also take on your boating accident case, any other injury that occurred because of someone else’s dangerous property, and even defective product or medical malpractice claims.

    Although injury cases can often be grouped into types of cases like these, every case is unique.  The details surrounding how the injury actually happened will be important for determining how we approach your case.  Additionally, whether the defendant is an individual or a company will also play a big part in how we approach the claim and what parties we need to seek settlement with.  In many cases where the defendant is an employee – such as in commercial trucking accident cases or injury cases involving a store or restaurant employee – we may file your claim against their employer as well as the individual worker.

    Many cases require specific scientific information to be presented, often requiring help from experts.  Our attorneys can hire engineers, doctors, and other subject matter experts that we may need to have testify on your behalf in complex cases.  Experts are also commonly used in injury cases where future lost earnings are involved, as there are complex calculations to make concerning how much money you will have missed out on over many years of future missed work.

    Damages for Your Hallandale Beach Injury Case

    In most injury cases, you can claim damages for the economic and non-economic harms you faced.  Economic damages commonly include payments to cover your lost wages and medical bills related to the accident.  Non-economic damages can cover a wide range of mental and emotional harms often grouped under the title of “pain and suffering.”

    Calculating damages in your specific injury claim will involve looking at all of the medical bills and other expenses the accident caused you to have to pay for.  This can even involve things like hospital transportation or childcare during your medical appointments.  Proving lost earnings means looking at your pay stubs and proving how long you were out because of your injuries.  Proving pain and suffering often means having you, your loved ones, and your doctors and mental health professionals testify about how the injury affected your enjoyment of life and day-to-day abilities.

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