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    Victims hurt in truck accidents may be able to recover additional compensation by suing a negligent party in Pembroke Pines.

    Florida’s laws regarding personal injury protection insurance and when victims can seek additional damages following truck accidents are complex. Our attorneys can assess your case to determine if your injuries qualify you to sue for pain and suffering in Pembroke Pines. When approaching a case, it is important to defer to our lawyers during conversations with insurance companies and negligent parties, as missteps could undermine a victim’s claim. In Pembroke Pines, victims of truck accidents have just two years to pursue compensation. To strengthen your future claim, be sure to report your accident to law enforcement officials and get immediate medical attention for your injuries.

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    How Insurance Might Impact Recovery Following a Truck Accident in Pembroke Pines

    Because Florida has a no-fault system for car accidents, victims might be unable to sue for compensation, depending on the case. Our truck accident lawyers will assess your medical records to confirm that your injuries meet the serious injury threshold, allowing you to recover damages for pain and suffering, among other damages.

    All drivers in Pembroke Pines must carry personal injury protection insurance. This coverage provides victims with compensation for economic damages in the event of a motor vehicle accident, including a collision involving a truck. Florida limits when victims can sue for non-economic damages and only allows this in cases of serious injury, according to Fla. Stat. § 627.737(2).

    Such serious injuries include permanent injuries, scarring, disfigurement, and permanent loss of an important bodily function. For example, if a truck crash causes a victim to sustain a traumatic brain injury they cannot completely heal from, the victim would most likely be able to sue for non-economic damages in Pembroke Pines.

    Whether or not you can recover economic damages above your policy limits will depend on the specific facts of your case. When victims sustain severe injuries that result in expensive medical bills and other damages, exploring the benefits of filing a lawsuit becomes even more important.

    How to Approach a Pembroke Pines Truck Accident Case

    Learning the best way to approach your truck accident claim will be important and possibly improve your chances of recovery. Victims should be cautious when discussing their case with anyone but their counsel and avoid providing too many unnecessary details about their accidents.

    Because truck accidents are often catastrophic, victims typically need to recover additional damages outside of what insurance can provide. This often requires them to file a lawsuit. When filing a compensation claim against a trucking company or an individual truck driver, it is important to be cautious about how you proceed. When victims unintentionally accept fault for their injuries, they might harm their chances of recovery.

    Because of that, our attorneys advise victims not to speak with their insurance companies or negligent parties without their counsel present. We will help you discuss your case carefully so that you only provide the necessary details about the accident. We will also assist you in drafting a statement that could help explain the emotional toll a truck crash has taken on your life, which can increase the likelihood that you will recover compensation for pain and suffering in Pembroke Pines.

    Deadline for Truck Accident Claims in Pembroke Pines

    Recently, the statute of limitations for truck accident lawsuits was shortened in Florida, leaving victims with less time to sue a negligent party for compensation.

    Previously, victims had four years to gather evidence in support of their claims and file lawsuits in Pembroke Pines. Now, the deadline is two years from the date an accident occurs. This recent change cut the statute of limitations in half, meaning victims now need to act even faster in order to recover the damages they require to heal.

    If you are unaware of the new filing deadline, you might unintentionally miss it, leaving you without a suitable path to recovery. When victims miss the statute of limitations, they become barred from claiming compensation in Pembroke Pines, whether through a lawsuit or an insurance claim. Filing your case too close to the deadline might hurt your chances of a suitable recovery as well.

    What to Do After a Pembroke Pines Truck Accident

    In order to strengthen your case and have the best chance of claiming the compensation you deserve following a truck crash, you should take certain steps after an incident in Pembroke Pines.

    Start by reporting your accident to the police. This is required by law for any motor vehicle accident that results in injury in Florida. Our attorneys can refer to the crash report for your accident to get greater insight into the collision and possibly unearth additional evidence of a negligent party’s fault.

    Then, victims should get attention from medical professionals. This will also result in evidence in the form of a victim’s medical records. The severity of your physical injuries will be crucial regarding your ability to seek compensation for pain and suffering after an accident involving a truck.

    Once you have taken these steps, our attorneys will investigate your incident to find other evidence, such as statements from eyewitnesses, physical evidence from the scene, surveillance camera footage, and photographs, that can reinforce your claim for compensation. To further bolster your case, consider seeing a mental health professional, like a therapist, who may be able to give a statement that enables you to recover non-economic damages. Similarly, statements from individuals close to you about your mental and emotional state can be beneficial.

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