What Information Should I Give a Doctor After a Car Accident in Florida?

When you have a car accident, you will likely need both emergency treatment and ongoing medical care. All of your doctors will ask many of the same questions, and you will have to give them a lot of information about your crash. Read below to learn more.

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Information to Give Emergency Room Doctors

When you are taken from the scene of an accident in an ambulance, they will likely take you to a trauma center or emergency room. There, you will be questioned by a nurse or other intake specialist. They will want to know about your injuries and past medical history.

You will need to describe your pain on a scale. The ER doctors will probably have you rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least amount of pain you’ve ever experienced and 10 being the worst. Be honest. Let them know how much pain you are in at that exact moment. That will allow them to determine if you need immediate pain relief via IV or pills.

You will also have to tell the doctors and nurses where you hurt. This can be difficult when you hurt all over or if you had a traumatic brain injury and you are confused. Do your best to pinpoint exactly where your pain is coming from, pointing to the body parts when you’re unable to speak.

Other questions you’ll have to be prepared to answer for emergency medical doctors include:

  • Who is your primary care physician?
  • Do you take any medications?
  • Do you have any chronic conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, etc.?
  • Are you allergic to anything?
  • Who is your emergency contact?

In addition, you will need to give them your contact information, including a phone number and address. You’ll also need to provide health insurance information and car insurance information since the cause of your injuries was a car accident.

Information You’ll Need to Give Your Primary Care Doctor After a Wreck

The emergency room doctors will stabilize your condition, and they will also recommend that you follow up with your primary care physician. You should always see your doctor as soon as possible after a wreck so they can help you understand how your new injuries may be impacting your chronic conditions.

If you have arthritis, the wreck may cause further damage to your joints that will need additional treatment with a physical therapist. If you suffered a traumatic brain injury, your doctor will want to continue to monitor your concussion.

Your doctor will likely ask you about the wreck as well as what type of treatment you received immediately after the crash. You can take your discharge papers from the hospital to your doctor to help you remember how you were treated.

Your doctor may recommend that you see specialists for follow up treatment. They will all ask what happened, the progression of your pain and conditions, and more. It’s best to keep a journal documenting your injuries and what has happened so far in your treatment. This will allow you to give all doctors consistent information, and it can be used in your insurance claim as well.

If You Need Help After an Accident, Contact Attorney David I. Fuchs

It can be difficult to remember everything that happened in the car wreck and all of the treatment that you have had. That’s why documenting the information and keeping it all in one place is important. If you are confused, attorney David I. Fuchs can help. He frequently works with victims of car accidents who need to navigate the insurance claims process and get help with doctors. Get in touch with us using our online contact form.

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