Who Should You Call After a Car Accident in Florida?

The moments after a car accident can be confusing. You may be injured and unsure of what to do right away. Read below to find out a few immediate calls that you should make.

1. Call 911

The first call you make after a car accident should be to 911. This will get a police officer and any other emergency responders you need dispatched to the scene.

You will need to tell the dispatch operator if anyone is seriously injured or stuck in a car. They will dispatch different responders for these situations. You may even need a fire truck if one of the vehicles is smoking or you were involved in a wreck with a semi truck that could be leaking.

If you are unable to call 911 from your phone, ask someone else to do so for you.

2. Call a Car Accident Lawyer

You should also quickly call a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer. It is likely that the negligent driver will inform their insurance company of the situation and they will immediately put their claims team into action. They may call you within hours or days of an accident. You should consult with a car accident attorney who can guide you through what to say and whether you should even speak with any insurance companies.

Attorney David I. Fuchs has more than 30 years of experience handling car accident cases for injured victims. When he manages a case, he handles all of the stressful situations from start to finish. You won’t have to be bothered by minute details, but he will keep you updated along the way.

The sooner you call a car accident lawyer, the better. In a truck accident case, the trucking insurance company will likely use a rapid response team to gather information and try to minimize their responsibility on the claim. You need to get an attorney on your side right away so you can fight back and get the money you deserve from the driver who caused your accident.

3. Notify Your Loved Ones

After a car accident, you should call an emergency contact and any other loved ones who may need to help you immediately. You may need transportation from the hospital or home after the wreck. You should call your spouse, parents, children, or other friends and family who can help.

4. Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company will need to know that you were involved in an accident, even if it was the other person’s fault. By reporting the accident, you can notify them of any potential uninsured or underinsured motorist claims that might arise.

Your car accident lawyer can work with both insurance companies on your behalf. Although you will have to describe the situation to your attorney, they can convey the story to the insurance companies instead of you. Talking to insurance companies can be intimidating and you should never do so until you first speak with your lawyer for advice.

5. Call Your Doctor

Whether you were treated by emergency medical professionals in an emergency room after the accident or not, you will need to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. Only your doctor can assess your injuries based on your previous health history and how the car accident impacts you overall.

Your doctor may also refer you to physical therapy, rehabilitation, or other specialists to help with your recovery. It’s important to follow all of your doctor’s suggestions and follow up with medical providers on a consistent basis.

6. Call a Car Repair Shop

You will likely have property damage after your car accident. You may need to get your car repaired right away so that you can go back to driving it to and from work, home, school, and other activities. You can call a car repair shop and get an estimate for how much it will cost to get your car in working order.

Your property damages will be added to other economic damages and included in your settlement demand. Sometimes insurance companies will make a separate property damages offer to get your car fixed quickly before we come to an agreement about the rest of your losses. Work closely with your attorney to get a fair amount of money to cover your property damage after a car accident.

Attorney David I. Fuchs Can Guide You After a Car Accident

If you are unsure of what to do after a car accident, attorney David I. Fuchs can help. He will manage your entire claim and take the stress off you. You can focus on recovering your health and going back to living your life as normal. Contact us using our our online contact form.

Attorney David I. Fuchs

Attorney David I. Fuchs

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