How to Obtain Traffic Camera Footage for a Car Accident in Florida

Video footage of auto accidents can be especially compelling evidence in a compensation claim. This might include video from traffic cameras, surveillance cameras, or even eyewitnesses’ smartphones.

When getting footage of a car accident in Florida, start with traffic camera video footage. Victims can contact the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to see if one of its live traffic cameras filmed their accident. Victims can also contact local police departments in case a red-light or speed camera photographed useful images. In addition to traffic cameras, other devices, like surveillance cameras or smartphone cameras, might have filmed an auto accident. Victims can even use their personal devices to film or photograph their immediate damages from a car accident.

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Getting Camera Footage of Your Florida Car Accident

If you are ever hurt in an auto accident in Florida, video footage of the collision can be the key to recovering compensatory damages. Unfortunately, victims cannot always rely on getting videos from traffic cameras specifically. Live, red-light, and speed cameras do not always provide helpful images of an accident. That said, victims may be able to obtain surveillance camera footage as well as videos and photos from eyewitnesses that help their claim in Florida. Victims can also take photos themselves at an accident site.

FDOT Camera Footage

The Florida Department of Transportation has many live cameras in the state, mostly located at popular intersections and long, often-congested highways. On top of providing FDOT with updated information on weather and traffic patterns, live cameras can also inform drivers about possible road delays, like car accidents or roadwork. While FDOT cameras stream live video to the agency’s website, such footage may not be stored for any period of time. Our Boca Raton car accident lawyers can subpoena FDOT in the event that footage of the accident exists, but the chances it does are low. Not only would your accident have to have happened in front of an FDOT camera, but the footage would have also had to be kept by FDOT, which rarely happens.

Red-Light Camera Photos

Red-light cameras are legal in Florida, and individual cities and municipalities have their own rules regarding their enforcement. Instead of taking video, these cameras take pictures when a driver goes through a stoplight. While these devices are typically used to deter negligent acts and identify drivers for the purposes of ticketing them, red-light cameras might provide useful imagery that can strengthen a victim’s compensation claim in Florida. That said, a red-light camera would have had to be triggered at the exact right moment to photograph your accident, meaning the existence of such photos is relatively unlikely. To get photos from these cameras, victims should contact the local police department that maintains the specific red-light camera in question soon after an accident.

Speed Camera Photos

Speed cameras were just legalized in Florida in June of 2023 for use in school zones. This will now allow law enforcement officials to install speed cameras in these areas to deter negligence and hopefully prevent car accidents involving children. This might mean that if you are struck by a negligent driver in a school zone in Florida, there might be photographs of your accident. If so, you can contact the local police department to request access to possible photos. It is important to act quickly in doing so as there is no clear timeframe for how long law enforcement will retain photographs from speed cameras.

Surveillance Camera Footage

Although not specifically traffic cameras, surveillance cameras can, and often do, film car accidents in Florida. Surveillance cameras might be placed at nearby businesses or homes in the area, meaning you might have to contact owners directly to request access to footage. Typically, footage from security cameras is more reliable than that from traffic cameras, especially regarding quality. Waiting to request access to footage might lead to it getting deleted, so do not waste time on that front. Doorbell cameras and dashboard cameras, as well as surveillance cameras, might have also filmed your car accident.

Eyewitness Footage

When using smartphones, eyewitnesses can often better film car accidents than traffic cameras in Florida. If your injuries permit you to, speak to eyewitnesses following an accident to see if they filmed or photographed any images that might be useful to your case. Even if they did not, their statements could help establish how an at-fault driver acted negligently, causing your injuries. If you were unable to speak to eyewitnesses at the scene, we can contact them at a later date to request access to any videos or photos they might have taken of your collision.

Victim Footage

If you were recently hurt in a car accident, you should not rely on possible videos from traffic cameras or other footage to be available. Instead, it often benefits victims to take matters into their own hands and take footage themselves. If you are able to, film the aftermath of your car accident. Include video footage of negligent driver’s vehicle, your car, and any debris or fallout. Take pictures of your injuries as well, as such images can help establish that you sustained your injuries because of a car accident. Pictures of your injuries from the accident scene can be supporting evidence alongside your medical records, which will provide greater insight into the severity of your injuries. Do not delete any videos or photos you took at the accident scene, as they might be used as evidence in your case.

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