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    Traveling by foot is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenic views offered by Orlando, but pedestrians should always be careful. Negligent drivers pose a serious risk to pedestrians, and an attorney can help you get justice after a crash.

    Pedestrian accidents are known for being extremely serious, and common injuries include spinal cord injuries, head and neck injuries, brain damage, and more. A lawyer can help you fight for financial compensation from the negligent driver to help you pay for various expenses. Insurance claims or a lawsuit might be possible legal options worth exploring. If your claims are successful, you may recover damages for your medical bills, lost wages and earnings, and non-economic injuries like pain and suffering. Proving your claims will be no easy feat, and strong evidence should be obtained as soon as possible before it is lost.

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    Common Injuries and Damages in Orlando Pedestrian Accidents

    Injuries in pedestrian accidents may be catastrophic sometimes, and victims are sometimes left with long-term complications. Among the more serious possible injuries are spinal cord injuries, brain damage, head and neck injuries, and broken bones. Many pedestrians also experience road rash if they are dragged or skid along the pavement after being hit.

    Some pedestrian accidents occur in crosswalks when drivers fail to stop in time. Others might happen when drivers make tight turns or swerve too close to pedestrian walkways, inadvertently hitting people walking. Parking lots and garages are also common locations for pedestrian accidents, as lots of people and vehicles are constantly coming and going.

    Damages may include expensive medical bills, especially if serious injuries require extensive treatment. You can claim current and future medical bills if your medical care is ongoing. You may also claim the value of income or wages you lost because you could not return to work after the accident. These damages may be considerable for people who cannot return to work for a long time.

    When assessing damages, you should also account for your pain, suffering, humiliation, and other painful experiences. Since these damages are very subjective and unrelated to money, their value may be hard to predict. The more evidence we have to support your claims, the greater your damages might be.

    How to Get Financial Compensation for a Pedestrian Accident in Orlando

    Accidents are notoriously expensive in addition to being painful and debilitating. Many injured pedestrians are financially incapable of bouncing back from such a setback. As such, they need help from an attorney to get financial compensation. The best way to get compensation depends on your situation, and you should discuss your situation with your lawyer as soon as possible.

    Insurance Options

    Many injured pedestrians file insurance claims to help cover the costs of their accidents and injuries. In Florida, anyone who owns a car is required to have auto insurance. Florida is also a no-fault insurance state regarding auto insurance. This means that people injured in auto accidents can file claims with their own insurance and get coverage without proving who was at fault.

    If a pedestrian has auto insurance, they may file a claim with their insurance, even though they were not driving at the time of the accident. The fact that one vehicle is involved is sufficient to warrant an insurance claim. If you do not have auto insurance, as some pedestrians do not own vehicles, you can file a claim with the other driver’s insurance.


    If insurance is not an option or is insufficient to cover all your damages, you can file a lawsuit. Before filing a lawsuit, you might have to prove you suffered a serious injury. According to Florida Statutes § 627.737(2), people injured in auto accidents can only file a lawsuit if they experienced a serious injury. Under the law, a serious injury includes death, permanent loss of bodily functions, significant scarring or disfigurement, and other medically determined, permanent injuries.

    Filing a lawsuit is often preferred to an insurance claim in cases where damages are high because insurance claims are limited by the policy terms. In a lawsuit, you may recover the full extent of your damages regardless of what the policy says.

    Damages You Might Recover in Orlando Pedestrian Accident Claims

    Damages in pedestrian accident cases can be great, and you should talk to your lawyer about how much your case might be worth. Common damages claimed by injured pedestrians include medical bills, lost income, and property damage.

    Medical bills may be expensive even if your treatment was relatively minor. With the rising costs of medical care, many people are burdened by medical bills even if they have health insurance. You also likely took time off work to recover. The longer you were out of work, the more income you probably missed out on. This lost income should be factored into your damages. If you lose personal items, including cellphones, laptops, jewelry, or other items, they should also be added to your damages.

    Non-economic damages are somewhat harder to evaluate because they are very subjective and often unrelated to financial costs. Your physical pain, emotional suffering, humiliation, loss of enjoyment, and other painful experiences may be claimed when assessing damages. However, since these damages are unconnected to money, their final value is determined by the court or jury. To maximize your damages, we need strong evidence demonstrating how much you suffered because of the accident.

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